A very tasty purple smoothie

I love fruit… Especially berries!
The winter months get kind of long as I await the bountiful fresh berries (that seem to take forever) to return. I love that I can get tasty frozen berries at Costco! Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, marionberries and more! My favorite use for them is to toss them into smoothies and i am pretty sure i just got myself into a smoothie kick in the midst of winter. Also, I am excited to make my little boy some puréed fruit blends! I’m all about making his food but that is another topic for another day! On to the smoothie of today…

I tossed some blueberries (around 1 cup), a banana, a scoop of protein powder and some milk and plain Greek yogurt into my immersion blender container and let the thing work it’s magic….
And then a yummy smoothie was brought into the world!