This post will conclude “feet month” as it has gone on too long, but I will probably post more about the topic in the future, maybe even tomorrow, ha ha!¬† But I wanted to post another pair of shoes at least, a very special pair as they carry many great memories.

My Boots!

This picture was taken at… Our wedding! ūüôā

 We had some fun pictures done in a western theme, so my boots were very fitting! 

So, many memories already, but that is just the beginning…¬† Also, many awesome memories of summers in Colorado riding horses and learning about them (and much more)!

Greg and I above Brewster Park…

me above Brewster again…

they were worn through many many brushing sessions…

and of course checking in on many¬†beautiful horses…

It is so fun to reminisce¬†of wonderful times in the past!¬† Oddly,¬†I have found that¬†even something as simple as¬†shoes bring out so many memories, I had no idea that would happen as I was posting on them! As I have said in earlier posts, if I think back on the times I wore certain shoes, out come memories!¬†¬†If I even look at my boots I smile because¬†of¬†all the memories… like in the ¬†pictures above which is just a few I picked out! I am so thankful for opportunities I have had in the past but also am excited about adventures to come.

It may be weird, but look at a few of your shoes and see if memories flow out! ūüôā

Bye for now, more to come on another topic besides shoes!

vibram shoes

Foot month is bleeding into May as you can see, but oh well!

So, the shoes I am really excited to¬†highlight today are….

I have had them over a month now and¬†am¬†having a lot of¬† fun with them! They are just awesome and totally weird, so that may be why I like them so much, they are a little bit crazy, yet so normal (wow). I have to tell you that they really are super comfortable, not just weird!¬† I feel like I am barefoot with just enough padding, as you can still feel what you step on, but not cause pain.¬† I have a pretty good barefoot tolerance thought, but even without I think it would be fine!¬† I have had a lot of people ask me about the toe part – “does it feel weird to have stuff around each toe?” – “Do you get blisters on your toes?” I always say no…it just takes a few “wears” to get used to them and I have had no blisters or anything.¬† The only difficult part is getting them on the first few times – it takes a little while to get your toes to cooperate and not fight for the same holes!¬†

I have done a little jogging in them but mostly walking so far and they have been great! I like being about to feel everything below my feet and not be up so high in regular running shoes! Any other questions about them? Feel free to ask me since I have had them a little while – not an expert on the shoes, just a new fan!

bogs… great, especially when you really really need them!

These are some awesome shoes I have too…. I don’t know what is awesome about rubber/mud/whatever boots, but they are so nice and warm and keep my feet perfectly dry, and hey – they are kind of cute too (kind of, almost).

I like having a good pair of (all of the above) boots and have come in handy Рnot something you wear everyday handy, but when weather or circumstances permit, boy am I thrilled to have these beasts!

Barefoot Baby…

Barefoot Baby

I just love this picture that was shared with me yesterday!¬† It is great! I see the dirt on his feet and it makes me smile rather than cringe…¬† like I know¬†some would!¬†It is great for this little ones feet and development! Perfect for feet month, and it goes with what I posted earlier this month… a post by Dr. Gangemi on barefoot kids.

“Wedge” World…

Oh my goodness, can you belive I am posting more shoes? I cannot believe it either – I mean when does it end? Hopefully soon, right?¬† These are my fun and not so practical shoes – yes again!¬† I like them because they are actually quite comfortable, yet cute and were really cheap on amazon (most of them).¬† I¬†will get to wear them more here with the much warmer temps, but admit I probably won’t wear them too much because they don’t rank too high on my go-to list but I do like them once and a while when fun shoes are just in order! ūüôā

“Ferrari” Shoes

I am a fan of the color red… I have not worn these shoes a lot, but love them! Fun fun fun! ¬†They fit in the shoe category of¬† – not-so-practical and not the most comfortable (although they are not terrible) –¬† shoes.¬†¬†Not¬†everything has to be perfectly practical in my ¬†mind. ¬†The color of these shoes is titled “ferrari” which I like too! Now…¬†if I just had the car to hop in with my sweet red shoes.


I of course don’t recommend wearing shoes like this everyday as they are just not great for your feet/body, etc. but like I said, I am not practical all the time and it is just fun to wear stuff like this!¬† It is like food, eat what you should most of the time, so you can eat what you should not sometimes! If you eat chocolate cake all day it will show, if you wear bad for your feet shoes all day it will show too (or you will feet it, whatever)!

More shoes to follow – also in the fun category, but these deserved a post all their own! ūüôā

born flats

So, I am highlighting another pair of shoes in my collection (of which I said was not really plentiful but once I started looking… I guess I have a few pairs after all because I am not done yet!)

These are my newest shoes… yes all 3 of them (thanks to Macy’s awesome shoe sale).¬† I have been looking for flats for way too long to admit.¬† I am really picky because I want them to be¬†extremely comfortable, cute, versatile, and very importantly –¬†not show toe crack, if you know what I mean. So, since these had all those qualities I decided to get 3 pairs… they will be great for work or just casual wear.¬† This is kind of my trend I have to admit… when I find something I really like I get more than one!¬† There were 6 different ones, but I tried to limit it to the colors I will be able to wear easily.

So, here is my type – out to my newest shoes… and I have worn them all day with no blisters or sore feet!¬† The shoe lady told me to buy they “a little snug” and I did not listen… I have been there and done that, I went a half-size up from “a little snug” and am so glad I did. I don’t like the feeling of not being able to wait to kick off my shoes because… “these shoes are killing me”!

I have¬†highlighted a lot of my really comfortable and practical shoes so far this month, but my next post will be some of my fun shoes that are not the most comfortable but they rank high on fun/cute and more¬†which is just necessary sometimes! ūüôā


My Chaco collection to date...

These shoes are¬† high on my list of favorites… I love Chacos! I seriously¬†threw¬†all my other flip-flops¬†away after I got these (referring to the middle pair)¬†because I knew I would not wear the others again!¬† The flip-flop style is¬†so comfortable… they don’t fall apart, they don’t let stuff come through and poke my foot and they are just awesome!¬† I have them in order of purchase from left to right.¬† The first pair in the picture I bought a few years ago in Colorado… they are really nice to walk and hike in… even great for water stuff where you don’t want to lose your shoes… rafting, crossing the river, or just a nice sunny day out and about.¬† A few times I have¬†stashed them in the bushes after using them to cross the river to keep my hiking shoes dry and have even wore these for full hikes. The cool thing about the sandals is you can adjust them to your special foot!¬† The straps slide around according to how your foot is shaped.¬† The toe can be adjusted as well as the width etc.¬† Pretty cool and creative!¬† I think if I get another pair of these I will not buy the double strap style, but the single as I have found that the double styles’ straps will not stay in the right spot – but tighten throughout the day.¬† The second pair in the picture I have also had a few years and they are still going very strong. These are what I wear for a lot of the time that I do not wear my danskos.¬† The second pair are actually one of me newer pairs of shoes… a purchase made in one of my favorite stores… the wonderful REI, which we do not have here where we live, so I had to stop in when I visited my family.

Anyways, just another foot/shoe post for you! I know you really don’t care about my shoes, but at least I am having fun! ūüôā

Have a great day!