My “calendar” box (part 1)…

This project took me a super long time to complete… (and it is still not done, but by complete in this case I mean… get to where I can start using it) Not that it will take YOU forever if you decide to do something similar… But I’ve had a lot going on mixed with going through periods of forgetfulness that I even had started this project, but anyways – whatever, right? Emabassingly, I started this in March (2012).

I am the type of person that likes to keep a planner or some kind of calendar… somewhere to write birthdays, events, lists etc, but since I finished my schooling I never end up carrying it! I have a hard enough time remembering to bring along a diaper bag since I am not a purse person. I grab my keys, phone, little guy and go!

For me, the problem with a planner or calendar is that every year it becomes obsolete and you have to transfer everything over to a brand new one… and they seem to get more and more expensive. What happened for 2012 was: I bought a planner, took the time to transfer everything over in my neatest of writing then NEVER used it!

Meet my calendar box (in progress)! Which will do, at least for now!  I have seen some neat books before that utilize this idea – but I have not seen one that I like and most seem to go along more of the “diary” themes which I also don’t want…

This is the “so-far” of my calendar box!


•index cards (4×6) (at least 360 of them but over time you will need more)
•a picture box or similar
•neat paper/cardstock (I used some mat stacks I already had for card-making/scrapbooking)

The idea was to look almost like an old-fashioned recipe box with each  month being a tab and behind it being cards labeled for each day of the month! This way once I write someones birthday or anniversary, it is always there!


I decided to print my month labels off on the computer… I was just ready to get this thing to a useable state!


I gave each of the month “tabs” fun  paper and glued it onto a piece of cardstock to give it some substance! The design paper you see was actually from a huge box of cards I had (blank inside with just neat designs on the front) acquired from a huge party store in Portland… I just sandwiched each over a plain color of cardstock to give each  month different flair!

I used good ol’ notecards to file behind numbered according to how many days in each month…

January – 31 Days
February – 28 Days ( I gave it 29 days to allow for leap years)
March – 31 Days
April – 30 Days
May – 31 Days
June – 30 Days
July – 31 Days
August – 31 Days
September – 30 Days
October – 31 Days
November – 30 Days
December – 31 Days


In addition, events and things that I want to remember I can write with the corresponding year! For example, April 17th…


My husband and I had been wanting a way to keep track of events, special occasions and more in one place! So I really hope this will help… we like to reflect back and keep track of all the blessings and things we have enjoyed… what we have been given… having them jotted down to reflect back on helps us stay thankful and positive when things may seem to be less than ideal.  This should really be fun a few years down the road when we can be writing something on a specific day and be able to look back at others things that happened in prior years!

and he of course wanted to be in on all the action!


I still would like to make it a little better…

I have some neat paper that I will wrap my box with to give it some personality (as if boxes have personality, but you get it… right?) I just need to choose which of my fun papers to use… and do it when my little one is pre-occupied or napping because as you can see he will want to help! 🙂 Bless his sweet bones! I’m not sure what else I will do to my box, but for now – I have a calendar box to start using and I love the fact that all the events I transfer over will still be there for years to come!

Happy Crafting! And, again… Happy New Year!

A Special First Christmas…

This was our sweet sweet boy’s very first Christmas!

KJ 8 months

Of course I was prego when we came “home” to be with my family last year, but obviously not the same.  I felt the most excited about Christmas ever it felt like…I am over-joyed and thankful for our precious little one and was so happy for him to experience Christmas for the very first time.  I know, he is only 8 months old and he won’t remember and won’t care… but hey, no matter! We had a blast!

He LOVED his stocking…

was not so much on opening gifts yet, but loved the wrapping paper, boxes and just playing with whatever was inside…

even the practical pack of bibs…

notice the red sweater body suit… guys hated it, girls loved it! 🙂

and the bows… he loved the bows…

ohhh the bows…

did I mention he LOVED the bows?

and the lights…

oh mom, love these lights…

Anyways, we had a super fun Christmas and entire holiday season as a matter of fact!

Merry Christmas!

With love,

our little family of 3

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

2012, you were grand!

Our super year of 2012 in a nut-shell, or a large lake… whichever is more fitting!

  • We had a beautiful, healthy, bouncy, perfect baby boy in April… 11 lbs, 3 oz and 22.5″ long!  We are so in love with this little being! Here he is then during his first week of life… and here he is now – 8 months later!

  • I had my little man in time for my first mother’s day!

  • Kelvin’s first trip to the beach at 2 weeks old…

  • We moved… all the way across the entire country with a dog (pictured below) and a 7-9 week old depending on where we were on our journey.

  • We stopped in beautiful Colorado during our cross-country-move for some much-needed off the road rest and fun! Kelvin’s first hike…

  • Greg’s first father’s day…

  • Kelvin got to meet the horses of Lost Trail Ranch even if it was so sunny he could not see much…
  • We got to Bend in time to enjoy the beautiful sunny summer!

  • We moved into a baby sized house that has a huge kitchen island of which I love…
  • We walked, and walked some more while the weather was so nice! Stopped for a photo in the wildflowers…

  • Kelvin loooooves going for stroller rides…

  • Chaco made a best friend Nikko…

  • We had a Bend 4th of July…

  • I baked cream-cheese pumpkin bread once…

  • We went to the pumpkin patch!

  • We tried really hard to get a good daddy/son foot shot but it ended in rolling on the floor laughing and no great pictures, but we had lots of fun trying…

  • Greg went on a 110 mile bike ride with my dad and a couple other guys! His new hobby…


  • The snow came but we still tried to have a Christmas Eve family walk… even if it meant freezing our tooshies off and making it hardly anywhere at all…
  • Kelvin had his first Christmas at 8 months old…

I tried to keep it short so I left out a lot – oh well! We had a terrific year, full of fun, challenges, less than ideal sleep but overflowing with laughter, joy and thankfulness! I would not change anything about our year! We hope you had a wonderful year and are anticipating an even better 2013! It is my hope… dare I say a resolution to post and share more! Well see you all another post!

Love, Beka

Happiest of Happy New Year – 2013

I cannot believe 2013 is right around the corner… like very soon! I am in a very happy state at the moment, not only because we get to start a brand new year soon, but also because my baby is sound asleep in his crib and I can hear his ever-so-sweet snores… I just pulled some chocolate peanut-butter bars out of the oven and the house smells heavenly… my sweet and thoughtful husband just walked in the door with a big smile on his face because he came to deliver me my favorite Starbucks drink and a huge hug before turning around and going to play x-box with my brother… and my belly is STILL full from eating at my favorite restaurant after church!

First Christmas

loving Grammy’s Christmas Tree…

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season! I love Christmas… it was such a wonderful Christmas this year – each year is neat in its own way, but it was so nice to just be home and not travel anywhere… and it was Kelvin’s first Christmas!  How super special! Not to mention it was a very white Christmas! So, just wanted to post quick and say


May your year ahead be the best yet!

A few things i’ve learned since becoming a mommy…

Since becoming a mommy…

I have learned… (and I realize these are not novel and there is still more to be learned)

  • I really love being a mommy, I did not know I would until It happened!
  • There is definitely no “freeze” or “time-out” in this game folks.
  • It is best for mom to  swaddle the baby because dad will swaddle him like he will be riding on top of the SUV!
  • It goes fast, even when it seems slow… i cant believe he is 4 months old!
  • A quick run through the shower is sometimes better than a day at the spa… just about priceless it seems like!
  • A glider/rocker makes me motion sick, but so do elevators so it does not take much!
  • My chipped/faded toe nail polish does not look too terrible and it will eventually grow out, right?
  • It is amazing how much love blossoms once that precious being comes into the world!
  • All those little aches, pains, stretch marks and the swollen ankles I had are/were worth it.
  • An uninterrupted full nights sleep is no longer around 12 hours but nice if it is at least 5!
  • I appreciate my mom so much more!
  • Some outfits only last 5 minutes (that goes for mine and/or his) and some diapers only  30 seconds!
  • I really wish I was the napping type but I guess I am just not very good at it.
  • Prioritization is a must and never take one minute of free time for granted!
  • When “water” breaks, it is more like a flood gate opening I’d say! 🙂
  • Despite what many told us, you CAN drive all the way across the entire country with a 7 week old baby… and more importantly, enjoy it!
  • A little one can actually get noticeably cuter each and every day… even after a short nap!
  • I love that little boy more than anything in the world!
  • a watermelon can sometimes work as something for an infant to be propped on…
  • I  may have told him too soon that he will not be able to have “milk” his whole life… what do you think?
    Well I now we’ve just begun and I have a lot to learn, but I have really enjoyed it so far! I am so happy to be able to hang out with this little bundle of true joy all day long!

A new chapter…

a new chapter…or a new book it could seem like!

Every since Greg and I became, well… Greg and I, we have done things against the norm – different from most around us.

We met at college in the middle of the country and began our relationship knowing that we were from opposite ends of the country – opposite worlds. But hey, we really liked each other from minute one so why not! I don’t think we really realized what that meant and exactly what would take place from there.  Months after we began dating, our relationship became the dreaded “long distance relationship”. With this came some bumps in the road and one bump that caused us to believe it was over for good – we both (unknowingly to each other) actually deep down knew we wanted to be together – forever! Obviously and thank God, we ended up back together.  Greg spontaneously flew out to Oregon for the weekend to see me in 2008 (arriving the day after Valentines Day). It had been a while since we had seen each other… for sure a year or more. Long story short: we married in June of 2010! We then moved to a guest ranch in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, away from both of our families and friends for a few months and worked. This was the best time of our lives… the best thing we could have done for US. but who does that? Who leaves their families and jobs for a seasonal position with no promise of anything once the season ends? We do! We are so thankful and grateful that we did.  It was during this time that we became “us”… we were thrown out of our every day routine and were forced to depend on each other alone – a great way to start a marriage! Totally awesome and I would recommend something like that to every body! Awesome time, but for sure not the norm! After this, we moved to Florida where Greg is from… no jobs, just a house and his  family which was a good place to start we thought. We had to go somewhere after all.  After about 6 months of searching, we both were given jobs – phew! I say given on purpose because they were jobs that we did not apply for – they were just offered to us! Talk about awesome!

So, anyways… there we were working and falling into a predictable routine… fitting into the mold of every one else. For us, that was very uncomfortable. We began to see exactly what our lives would look like… forever! I admit it was unsettling, very unsettling. For most, this would be a freeing feeling, a “we have made it” type of feeling, but for us it was scary. We did not like what we saw 5, 10, 20, 30 years from then because it was not what our team had set out to do. Our team being us.  Not only are we as a couple not like the majority of people, but individually as well, so we compliment each other. I have always been a dreamer and have all kinds of ideas (big and small) of what I want to do! It is not that we were unhappy , that we hated things or that we did not agree with how others were living, but we have many goals/dreams/ideas that we want to do and accomplish.  Further,  a bouncy little boy would be joining us in this life we had set up… even more scary because not only did we see our whole lives ahead, we also saw his. Having a baby for many people is like pouring concrete around you – you become stuck. Not us! We refused to let this slow us down or better worded – tie us down.  We looked for different opportunities else where… looked for ways to venture out, but nothing lined up perfectly. So… here is what we did… and in the following order…

We had a baby in April

We quit our jobs in May

We packed up the house (check out my earlier post which really helped me pack) in June

Then we moved all the way across the entire Country

Many people have babies, many people quit their jobs and many people move, but fewer do all of that in the matter of just a couple short months! What we did is probably not advisable but we did it and we are so glad we did. If we would have waited for everything to line up perfectly, we would have never left, became more and more molded. So, here we are beginning a new chapter in our lives. A new adventure. I am not saying that once we both have jobs and get into a routine it is time to pick up and move again, and I am not saying that everyone else do”does it wrong” and we “have it all figured out” or that we were ever unhappy where we were. It totally seems like we fly by the seat of our pants, but this is not true either. I am saying that we both had a stirring and desire to move and so we did! We are now entering a totally new phase of life that we are excited about. We are free to explore things and dream on, strive to achieve something greater. Through our lives we always want to look for ways to increase. We love adventure, the great outdoors and being around people who are excited about life! We have never worried about being able to make it – every one can make it. We live in America. God has always blessed us no matter where we are.  We’re proud of the fact that we have been able to go for it and throw ourselves into the unfamiliar, the unknown. Why not?  Many people go through life always making the safe choice, the most comfortable because they fear what will happen if they fail. You can only fall back to the place where you start! But hey, you may just make it – you will more than make it!  This may be more of a pep talk for me, but I thought I would share what was on my mind today while my sweet baby boy was taking a nap. I appoligze it that was rambled or unorganized, but I was working in a small window of time today!

Prego update: 39 weeks

A brief update – not too much for you since I have a serious case of nesting going on right now! But I guess we will see how much comes out once I get going!

Already 39 weeks along! SO… we are super close! No matter what – he is coming very soon and we cannot slow it down. Of course we want him here already (on the outside of me), but yet I find myself sometimes thinking – another week would be good!

The pregnancy started out pretty slow, and now it has really sped up – time is flying and I cannot believe it is almost time for him to join us! More and more I wonder, who will he look like? I think about his little hands and feet – who’s will he have? What color will his eyes be? I hope he looks just like his daddy – but of course when it all boils down, I don’t even care about all of that because he will be just right no matter what.

Here are my dorky little updates like I have done before in categories:

Name:   Since it is so close… at this point. It will be a surprise! We want to make our final decision when he comes. No fear, he will have a name!

Cravings: Sorry to disappoint if you are still holding out and hoping I will finally crave something super weird.  Since my last update, the following has either sounded good to me or once I ate (or drank) it, it really hit the spot!

  • very cold water (still)
  • still fruit (mainly strawberries and certain apple varieties but this week I bought some watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe which was so delicious
  • raspberry jam with really wheaty and nutty toast or english muffins
  • banana-chocolate-walnut bread (of which I am going to bake today with my over-ripe bananas!
  • brownies – I made them for something one evening and they were extra delicious
  • Greek yogurt (primarily vanilla, but some strawberry, raspberry or blueberry has snuck in there)
  • vanilla frozen yogurt – I made some homemade vanilla greek frozen yogurt in our maker and it was good!
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with sliced apples
  • cheese burger and sweet potato fries
  • home-made mexican

Nursery:  It is pretty much set-up!  We have basically everything we need I believe (at least that we know of for now) thanks so much to family and friends here and there of which we thank soooo much! We have been truly spoiled and helped out so much!  We were thrown an awesome baby shower a couple weeks ago which was so fun and we got all kinds of neat gifts for the little guy and also one over Christmas in Oregon – gifts have been trickling in here and there and we are so blessed! He has an awesome set-up and has the best room in the house!

Weight:  ummmmmmmmmmmm….. yep! I am ready to be back down a-lot!

On a silly note: I have to really watch my belly lately!  It sticks out so far!  I have a tendency to hit the handle of my skillet on the stove  (thank goodness this has not caused a mess or injury :)).  I have accidentally bumped it into people or things as I walk by or tried to let people by me in a door-way not catching the fact that there is no room for them to squeeze by!

Comments I have received over the past few weeks:

  • “If your belly gets any larger you are going to fall on your face”
  • “When are the twins due?”
  • “Aren’t you going to pop any day?” (this one started a month ago)
  • to Greg: “What are you feeding that girl?”  – this particular day we were together at the bank so he was able to experience the kind of comments I get first hand. His reply: “Whatever she wants”…
  • “You are all belly”
  • “You better pray he can make it out”
  • “Wait, when ARE you due?”… “still going, huh?”
  • “You are so cute” – nice to hear when you usually get the above!

…that is enough for now, isn’t it? You get the point! I find it crazy that many have comments like the ones above and others  tell me I look great and am small for how far along I am…  so which is it? I guess it really does not matter one bit! At least I can still wear some of my pre-maternity pants and shirts (of which may not look the best or be the most comfortable, but hey – there is power in being able to button something!)

Have a super day! This is probably my last pregnancy update  because it is almost go-time!

Prego update: 33 weeks

33 weeks and growing!

I am very slow to update and blog – but hey who isn’t busy and has time to sit at the computer all day? 🙂  I’ve been feeling great still and have been enjoying “nesting” and trying to get the house somewhat organized.  We have lived here a little over a year and I still have boxes packed and too much unorganization for my liking. But, what does not get done, just won’t and I have been trying to realize that it is just OK – no matter what. When it all boils down, it does not really matter.  I still enjoy making lists and at least attempting to cross at least one thing off for the day! 🙂

Here is a brief update … again in categories for simplicity like my last update! 🙂

33 weeks along!

Have you picked out a name?  still no name! 🙂

Cravings: Still no odd cravings or weird combinations have crossed my mind, but some of my “cravings” have remained the same with some additions! I feel as though they are getting overall “unhealthier” as the time goes… so I am trying not to go super crazy!

  • fruit in general, still grapefruit and all berries
  • colby-jack cheese and crackers
  • tortilla chips and peach mango salsa
  • very very cold water – or should I say ice with a little water in it
  • Cookie dough AND the fresh baked cookies, but it is nice because just a few cookies taste good, then my craving is over
  • vanilla frozen yogurt
  • good ol’ vanilla yogurt
  • peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk

Needless to say, lots of things sound so good lately!  However, a few of the things that I ate earlier in the pregnancy when I had a little nausea do not sound good… like a specific kind of Cliff Bar and a certain restaurant in town where we ate lunch at a few times… and a few other things I know when I see them… so no thanks on those for sure, but I am glad none of my favorite foods have been ruined for me!

Nursery:  YAY! Big changes here. He has a crib with a matching dresser on order, Greg got me a nice glider/recliner/swivel chair and put in a new light!  It is really coming along and I love to just go sit in there!

Weight:  ummmmmmmmmmmm….. yeah, “we” are still growing, just seems like one of us a lot more than the other 😉  It seems like some people say I am small for how pregnant I am, but others say the exact opposite – whatever, just whatever!  I am up a grand total of 25 lbs already I believe… and still have a ways to “grow” so they say, but who is keeping track anyway and did I type that? 😉

Roughly about 7 weeks to go and he will be here!

Random:  I am trying not to freak out that “D-Day” is approaching more rapid than I thought it would……………………… 🙂 but really, is freaking out really going to help? probably not.