My “calendar” box (part 1)…

This project took me a super long time to complete… (and it is still not done, but by complete in this case I mean… get to where I can start using it) Not that it will take YOU forever if you decide to do something similar… But I’ve had a lot going on mixed with going through periods of forgetfulness that I even had started this project, but anyways – whatever, right? Emabassingly, I started this in March (2012).

I am the type of person that likes to keep a planner or some kind of calendar… somewhere to write birthdays, events, lists etc, but since I finished my schooling I never end up carrying it! I have a hard enough time remembering to bring along a diaper bag since I am not a purse person. I grab my keys, phone, little guy and go!

For me, the problem with a planner or calendar is that every year it becomes obsolete and you have to transfer everything over to a brand new one… and they seem to get more and more expensive. What happened for 2012 was: I bought a planner, took the time to transfer everything over in my neatest of writing then NEVER used it!

Meet my calendar box (in progress)! Which will do, at least for now!  I have seen some neat books before that utilize this idea – but I have not seen one that I like and most seem to go along more of the “diary” themes which I also don’t want…

This is the “so-far” of my calendar box!


•index cards (4×6) (at least 360 of them but over time you will need more)
•a picture box or similar
•neat paper/cardstock (I used some mat stacks I already had for card-making/scrapbooking)

The idea was to look almost like an old-fashioned recipe box with each  month being a tab and behind it being cards labeled for each day of the month! This way once I write someones birthday or anniversary, it is always there!


I decided to print my month labels off on the computer… I was just ready to get this thing to a useable state!


I gave each of the month “tabs” fun  paper and glued it onto a piece of cardstock to give it some substance! The design paper you see was actually from a huge box of cards I had (blank inside with just neat designs on the front) acquired from a huge party store in Portland… I just sandwiched each over a plain color of cardstock to give each  month different flair!

I used good ol’ notecards to file behind numbered according to how many days in each month…

January – 31 Days
February – 28 Days ( I gave it 29 days to allow for leap years)
March – 31 Days
April – 30 Days
May – 31 Days
June – 30 Days
July – 31 Days
August – 31 Days
September – 30 Days
October – 31 Days
November – 30 Days
December – 31 Days


In addition, events and things that I want to remember I can write with the corresponding year! For example, April 17th…


My husband and I had been wanting a way to keep track of events, special occasions and more in one place! So I really hope this will help… we like to reflect back and keep track of all the blessings and things we have enjoyed… what we have been given… having them jotted down to reflect back on helps us stay thankful and positive when things may seem to be less than ideal.  This should really be fun a few years down the road when we can be writing something on a specific day and be able to look back at others things that happened in prior years!

and he of course wanted to be in on all the action!


I still would like to make it a little better…

I have some neat paper that I will wrap my box with to give it some personality (as if boxes have personality, but you get it… right?) I just need to choose which of my fun papers to use… and do it when my little one is pre-occupied or napping because as you can see he will want to help! 🙂 Bless his sweet bones! I’m not sure what else I will do to my box, but for now – I have a calendar box to start using and I love the fact that all the events I transfer over will still be there for years to come!

Happy Crafting! And, again… Happy New Year!

Garden Day 2: leveling and a little planting

It is day 2 (May 3) of working on our garden!

It is a beautiful day!  The sky was so pretty this evening as we were working… seemed like we were going to get stuck in a downpour, but it never did – just a few sprinkles and it quit! 

Greg leveled out the rest of the garden while I planted some! It took his just a little while to do a section like I did yesterday evening! 🙂 He is fast! 

This is the final shot for the day… it will be getting dark soon, so it is a great place to stop! I planted mostly plants today with a few seeds… tomorrow I will plant more!  I labeled my picture so you can see what I planted where!

 I am having a blast by the way! It is a good project and I am anxious to get it all planted!

The barefoot gardener

Our garden (or soon to be) at the old house!

This is our soon-to-be garden! Greg worked while I was in Oregon to disc up the grass with the tractor… for the before picture, just picture the spot fully covered with beautiful lush green grass!  So…

Day 1: leveling out dirt and pulling grass that has re-rooted!

So, I wish I could just start planting stuff, but leveling out the dirt and loosening it up some is needed.  My task for the day was leveling out as much as I could so we can start planting as soon as possible!

I only got about half way this time, but we have progress! It takes a while with hand tools and working up the grass that had already tried to re-root and come back up… AND this is my first time! You can see my flip-flops there, this is a barefoot job (why we have the blog title). The dirt just feel so good on my feet and hey, why not!  So, the name “barefoot gardener” just works since every time I have walked through it I have been shoe-less! 

still lots of work to do as you can see!

I have been trying to plan where to put what I have… I did not even think about it when I got all my seeds! I realized, I should decide where to plant what and plan how it will all fit together…

Stay tuned!

My home garden!

I am working on some plants for here at home that I can watch more closely and monitor a little better! So far, they are probably stick of seeing me, but I am excited about them!

Day 1 (April 29):

I planted 4 tomato plants!

Pot 1: Goliath Tomato Plant

Pot 2: German Queen Tomato Plant

Pot 3: Husky Cherry Red Tomato Plant

Pot 4: Mr. Stripey Heirloom  Tomato Plant

Day 2 (May 3):

I planted 5 pepper plants!

Pot 1:  2 Red Pepper Plants

Pot 2:  2 Yellow Pepper Plants

Pot 3: 1 Sweet Banana Pepper Plant

ane I am super excited… I will post more pictures and info soon, but in the meantime they are growing and doing great!

I am going to plant stuff!!


Yep… I am! I am really excited about it too! I got some plants at Home Depot and one of the local feed stores in town, as well as some seeds too! I have never had a garden or grown anything before…  (except some herbs and hard to kill inside plants) so it will be a big learning experience for me… along with an experiment!  I decided to get plants so they would have  head start as well as some seeds to experience both.  I am hoping between all I got, at least a few things will work!  I am going to try to post as I go and share my experiences here – hey something to blog about at least and maybe you will feel like you have dirt under your fingernails too! 🙂 

My plants:

  • watermelon
  • cucumber
  • tomatoes
  • peppers
  • spaghetti squash
  • zucchini
  • yellow squash

My seeds:

  • pumpkin
  • zucchini
  • yellow squash
  • onions
  • carrots
  • sugar snap peas
  • watermelon
  • peppers
  • basil
  • oregano
  • lettuce

So I will have quite the garden if we can get it up and going!  Greg prepped a spot for me while I was in Oregon – what a wonderful surprise to come home to! We are going to put the garden at the old house

More updates to come on my experiences growing “stuff”!

Oh my goodness, isn’t it a miracle how things grow!?

Home Improvement #4: My Jar Shelf!

The Jar Shelf Greg Made!

This is by far my favorite “home improvement” project yet… I just love it! Every time I walk into the kitchen it makes me smile.  Greg built this shelf literally in to the wall for me to put my jars on. The problem with our kitchen is that there is not much cupboard space or storage (no pantry area either) so somehow all my dishes, baking items, pans, glasses, mugs, utensils etc. and not to mention food has to fit in the small area!  This was his grand creation…an inset shelf for me to put all my precious jars on!  You can see that before the shelf was there, this wall was just plain and a wasted space because there was no room to add any cupboards, counter or anything…but I sure am using it now, and daily! I get into many of these jars everyday at least once… I have many baking goods, nuts,  chocolate chip varieties, flax-seed, wheat bran and germ, popcorn kernels, cornmeal, candy, peanut butter, dried beans, oats and more!

The nut row...

Items for baking!

This project turned out wonderful! It was a slow process at first while he cut out the sheet rock and 2 studs… while keeping the other side of the sheet rock (living room wall) blemish free, but after the hole was made the rest went fairly quickly. He made the shelf to size and slid it in place!

I think everywhere we live I need a jar shelf…I just love it! The problem is, I can’t take this one with me – he may be needing to make another one someday if we have another house! 🙂

Home Improvement #3: Coffee Wall!

This project was just plain fun…. not exactly necessary or maybe a better word is mandatory but at least we had a few reasons even if they are for the fun of it.  

Here is a before shot: a sorry one, but it is all I could find.

The dining area - Before

We wanted to give the area (The “dining” area) some personality and make it “us”.  We  both love to drink coffee…especially together and with company so we decided to make a little “coffee shop” – or at least in our minds if nobody elses.  We went to Home Depot and picked out the paint color:


… so as you can imagine it is dark dark dark… much like black coffee… a deep rich dark brown!  But to our realization after painting the first coat it was wrong… it had to be because it was more like an elephant that got into a blueberry fight – an awkward greyish purple.  We called them and they said “it darkens as it dries”. Well it would have to darken a significant amount. We took it back and they did some checking and realized they used the wrong base to start with… so round 2 in progress….

In Progress... on with "espresso"

So,what were our reasons for going dark? 

Kind of like our orders at the coffee shop…

“(Greg) grande dark with no room and a

(Beka) grande vanilla extra-hot latte, please”

so… our walls reflect it well… one just plain coffee goodness, and one sweet and creamy! 🙂

Our Little “Coffee Shop”

So, if you get a chance, come drink some coffee with us!

Any time is Coffee Time


Home Improvement: Laundry Room!

This is our second “Home Improvement” project… if you read what our first one, it was in our bedroom which was just painting. I don’t say “just” because it was a little project – painting always takes more time that I think it will, and it did take a while… so we were able to move on to our next of priorities…



Well folks, this was a pretty big project that Greg did!  I did not take the picture soon enough, but you can see where there was a door and trim around it… he has already taken that out/down. But there is more… 

Laundry Room – Before

I am someone that actually will enjoy doing laundry, but it is really  hard in a space like this!  It is so small and dark too! There is a small light, but it is a cramped space with no natural light. So, Greg had the fantastic idea to open it up to where the space could be used more and I could actually get in there with a laundry basket!

Laundry Room - In process, cutting out the sheetrock and beyond!

I should have taken a few more in-process pictures, but I didn’t!  The picture below shows the “finished” room (for now) and yes, it is GREEN! It is a really fun color and looks fresh and clean (at least to me). It is fun to go in now… especially since I can actually GO IN! I still need to finish moving things back in and DO LAUNDRY – which has really piled up since our “construction zone” and painting limited my ability to stay up on laundry!  I love it and it is a much better use of the space! 

Laundry Room - After

Some things that we still would like to do in this space someday (near or very future depending on time/resources/plans and more):

  • Lay lenolium or something… cover up that concrete floor
  • put up cabinets and a different shelving system
  • Install some “french style” doors  to close off the space
  • that is all for now!