Our family has expanded… Meet Chaco!


Meet the newest member of our family…


On Monday, we were finally able to bring our bundle (or hand full) of joy home and I am totally thrilled and already love this little guy to the core…

He is brave, sweet, snuggly, very smart, attentive, spunky, interested and loves to play hard and sleep hard!  I know he still really misses his doggy family a lot but he is adjusting well and is getting more confident!  For sure, he is becoming our little buddy more and more all the time.  I already mentioned he is smart, but have to mention it again.  He catches on pretty quick.  He is not super hyper but not extremely lazy either – he has a pretty good balance it seems like.

We got the special privilege of getting “first-pick” of the litter which was a lot harder than I even thought it would be… of course they were all cute.  This one just seemed extra special to us through our visits and I think he picked us too.

Here he is at about 6 1/2 weeks old (when we picked him)

The next two pictures are of our second visit – around when the puppies were 4 weeks old.

These were my top 2 chilling out!

This picture was taken on our first visit when he was about 2 weeks old.  He was just so content and relaxed!

of course, you know there will be more pictures and posts to come as we enjoy our new doggy!