Our family has expanded… Meet Chaco!


Meet the newest member of our family…


On Monday, we were finally able to bring our bundle (or hand full) of joy home and I am totally thrilled and already love this little guy to the core…

He is brave, sweet, snuggly, very smart, attentive, spunky, interested and loves to play hard and sleep hard!  I know he still really misses his doggy family a lot but he is adjusting well and is getting more confident!  For sure, he is becoming our little buddy more and more all the time.  I already mentioned he is smart, but have to mention it again.  He catches on pretty quick.  He is not super hyper but not extremely lazy either – he has a pretty good balance it seems like.

We got the special privilege of getting “first-pick” of the litter which was a lot harder than I even thought it would be… of course they were all cute.  This one just seemed extra special to us through our visits and I think he picked us too.

Here he is at about 6 1/2 weeks old (when we picked him)

The next two pictures are of our second visit – around when the puppies were 4 weeks old.

These were my top 2 chilling out!

This picture was taken on our first visit when he was about 2 weeks old.  He was just so content and relaxed!

of course, you know there will be more pictures and posts to come as we enjoy our new doggy!

Meet Nikko…!

This is my parents new dog which I absolutely can’t get enough of.  He has a heart of gold and just loves people… everyone it seems!  He meets no stranger.  He has such a great personality and is just plain silly sometimes.  There are many times that he is solemn and has a straight look on his face, and almost seems totally expressionless, but any second he can come alive and surprise you if you are not ready.  BOING!   He is very snuggly and huggable, but is also so very fast – incredibly fast! Anytime you are ready to play he is more than ready and his energy seems to never run out. Nikko will get as wild as you can handle… and wilder than you can handle…

Did I mention he is silly…?

 …but I must say, all of this is hard to apply in the morning as he is slow to rise and prefers to sleep in… when he finally gets up he stretches a lot, yawns, has a cute sleepy face and would love it if he could just stay in his bed a while longer.  There is really much more, but I wanted to introduce you to this great doggy – stealer of many hearts which is safe to say because everyone that has come over or seen his elsewhere (one of the go to work with momma days)  says something like… “I want a dog just like this one” –

including me!  I want a Nikko!  One thing I want to add is that he is a great companion, he will always he there with you and prefers it that way. He is truly a “people dog”…  wherever his people are is where he wants to be! Nikko is not happy at home alone but is most happy to just be with you!

Meet “Boy-Dog”

This is Boy-Dog!   He is a boy… and a dog!  🙂

Boy Dog patiently waiting in the pasture

He is the faithful dog out on the family land where Greg’s grandparents and two brothers and their families live.   One day several years ago he showed up at Greg’s brothers house, and has been there ever since!  He is always there to greet you and always knows where the action is. During the day he hangs out with Greg’s grandparents since they are home and in the evening he goes to his “home” down the road or will stay where they are people hanging out.  He runs everywhere and will follow you in the car down the road in between families homes.  I don’t know how much this dog runs, but it seems to be all the time! He has 3 houses to check in on, other dogs to say hi to, cows in a few pastures and even a few extended families to check on!  Wherever people are, is where he is.  He goes everywhere with Pa… whatever the outside chores of the day are (check on and feed the cows, work on fences and beyond).  He loves people and is always excited to see someone pull up!   Since he is strictly an outside dog he gets very excited when people are outside with him! Oh, and another little fact – He does not like to eat alone!  He prefers you sit and watch him eat!  Well, that is it for now – an intro to Boy-Dog!

In Memory of Grill Chicken…

Well folks, I have sad news.  My Miss Chicken dissapeared about a week ago and has not come home. We don’t know exactly what happened to her, but I have not found her. 

We are gearing up to head away from the mountains before too long and make our way across the rest of the country. Sadly, it will be without my feathered friend in tow… she was a very lucky chicken to make it to Oregon and back and make some fans on the way…but won’t get to continue her adventure across the rest of the country.   She really was a joy for me to have, it was just a lot shorter than I thought it would be… I never knew I would like to have a chicken until I had her, what a silly and fun pet… and many times not even chicken-like! I know she had many fans from all over but her little story sadly has to end.

Grill relaxing on the porch just a couple weeks ago


Meet Gus… a fish of gold!

Gus, a true fish of gold!

I thought it would be good to introduce you to my pet goldfish Gus.  Gus has quite the story for such a scaley little fellow.  First, let me tell you that he is not just any fish, but a fish that  is now over 6 years old and has traveled from Kansas to Oregon. As many know and have experienced, once goldfish are  “home” it is a gamble as to how long they will survive in their new environment.  Gus has lived his entire life from this clear yet distorted blown glass bowl and could not be happier!  I bought him at a super Wal-Mart in Salina, Kansas for a whopping &.10 during freshman orientation day…. in 2003!  So, his “home” life just surpassed 6 years. Can you believe it?

I brought him home to my dorm room in August of 2003 with 2 buddies but he was the only one still alive by day 2. I had high hopes for him but wanted to wait on giving him an official name. Each day was a pleasent suprise when I woke to see him still swimming! He made it through my first semester but I was flying home for Christmas break and had to leave him to “finn” for himself.  No fish on the plane… obviously (even if he fit in a 3 ounce container).  I left a note on my dorm door that said “if anyone has a key to this room that sees this message, please feed  my fish”!   I came back 2.5 weeks later to find little Gus still swimming! I don’t know if and how much he got to eat, but he was still alive!

Another semester came and went and Gus was still a-swimming! I decided it would be a good time to give him his official name. Gus is was!   Fish are the only “pet” allowed in the dorms so many try and most fail at keeping them alive with the exception of beta fish (which Gus has lived twice as long as my beta I got the same day).  Suprisingly, I did none of the different things that people try like treating the water, adding bubbles, heaters or constantly testing the Ph… I just used tap water and fed the little guy. He stayed in Kansas 2 full summers and 2 more Christmas breaks (this time in the good care of friends!).

He not only survived he thrived! Gus has quite the personality and began to recognize regular visitors to our room! If he did not know them he would swim to the back of his bowl and stare. If it was a regular attender he would come to front and dance back and forth in sheer excitement! As if he was shouting ….”People, I love people, I know you, feed me… feed me…!!”

His Kansas Christmas breaks were always a little rough though… this first one he spent hungry and the last one he spent a little too toasty…  He stayed with some good friends at their home and while they were away for Christmas weekend they had a problem with the heater in their house and it got so hot inside that candles melted into liquid.  They got home just in time before there were major issues… the water was so warm in Gus’ bowl that when they took him outside the water was steaming and he was on the top floating on his side…near belly up. Well, a trooper for sure because he bounced back for his “senior year” at college!  So in May of 2006 he made the road trip back to Oregon with my mom and my brother in his car since I had to stay to fly out for Track Nationals in CA. Since then Gus has grown steadily and has spent most of his time at home with his “grandparents”. 

He has spent time in a few places in KS, possibly went to OK and has been to my grandmas house, my aunt and uncles house a few times and already has many fans from his adventures thus far!

He may have a very large adventrue coming up this summer and beyond! We may have to see how he “finns” at 10,000 feet as an official  Lost Trail Ranch goldfish!  Him and Grill Chicken may be road trip buddies…  I will post the adventures and updates of both of my special pets as they happen!

The “dirty” dance!


I am bound to get a good video of her “dirty” dance sometime.  I walked by her having a serious dust bath the other day… I mean dirt and dust was flying everywhere! I could not get my camera fast enough to get the main part….but here is what I did get!

“Grill Chicken” lives on!

Ms. Grill Chicken!

Ms. Grill Chicken!

Well folks, here she is… Ms. Grill Chicken!

I’ve  heard it said that a nickname will really stick with ya… well this is obviously the case for this lady!  Ms. Grill Chicken is really living up to her name.  She traveled half way across the country from her grill in Colorado to find a new one to hang on in Oregon!