Part 1: … Enjoy the Realness

This is the first of my posts having to do with the question: Wait. Then, what do you do?

 Like I mentioned in my introduction, this question almost always comes up once people find that we love to spend time somewhere where there is no TV/Radio/phone etc.  Technology is very limited here – no crackberries (my blackberry is useless here). So, when you are out here, you are away from it all – almost shut off from what you have known and the habits you have formed – at least around technology.  You go from having the luxury of picking up your phone to make a quick call or like many now, sending a text…to not even being able to get any sort of signal. I saw a guest arrive recently that was holding up their cell phone as high as they could trying to find a signal – you  know what I mean, we have all seen it. They were zig-zagging around, phone held high hoping to get something. 

I think people almost worry about me in my time of seperation from “the real world”, not being able to stay up to date with the latest news or TV shows or “reality TV” .  I guess,  in all reality it is concerning to me that people worry about me missing the latest drama when I feel that I am somewhere so beautiful and enjoyable that  watching TV is the last thing I would consider even if it was right in front of me.  

I wake up every morning, look out my window and see the same view and never tire of it. I step out onto the porch and enjoy the fresh mountair air. It is always fresh and new every day. It is like I have the worlds largest plasma screen in every direction I look, and a sound system you can’t beat… because it is real. All of it… tangible and alive. For example as I type this, there are baby horses playing right off the porch, and just this morning I saw 2 moose across the river pop out of the tree line.

Without TV here or even anywere for that matter, we are able to live our own real lives, rather than live through the lives of our favorite actors or actresses. All the sudden the action is right in front of us and we are the stars in our own movie… but it is all real.  We control the channels here by what we choose to do each day.  There are no plasma screens that can show me the beauty that is right outside our front door.  I like being able to touch and smell what I see. There are a lot of beautful places shown on TV, most of which I wont see in this lifetime, but somehow being able to be there, explore and experience it in living color makes the difference.  I think this is true even for those who have the luxury of technology. There is so much out there that we can enjoy through the channels of our life – what we are already surrounded with. The key is to enjoy it and give it a chance to make your day.

Well, here is an example of even when it is raining I am entertained by what is outside my window. Sorry, I don’t have the skills or software to edit, so there is some at the end I could not cut out like I wish… or course it is me laughing again and moving the camera around. But anyways, here it is Tag, You’re it. Baby wants everyone to play in the rain:

Mommy, wait for me!

I recorded this yesterday. Baby (6 days old) had been sound asleep and mom kind of wanded a ways during his nap… grazing along. Baby woke up to mom not close enough. This is the farthest I’d seen them from eachother, so I thought it could be good to see babies reaction… here it is! I appoligize for the shakey filming… I was laughing too hard to keep it still.


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