Part 1: … Enjoy the Realness

This is the first of my posts having to do with the question: Wait. Then, what do you do?

 Like I mentioned in my introduction, this question almost always comes up once people find that we love to spend time somewhere where there is no TV/Radio/phone etc.  Technology is very limited here – no crackberries (my blackberry is useless here). So, when you are out here, you are away from it all – almost shut off from what you have known and the habits you have formed – at least around technology.  You go from having the luxury of picking up your phone to make a quick call or like many now, sending a text…to not even being able to get any sort of signal. I saw a guest arrive recently that was holding up their cell phone as high as they could trying to find a signal – you  know what I mean, we have all seen it. They were zig-zagging around, phone held high hoping to get something. 

I think people almost worry about me in my time of seperation from “the real world”, not being able to stay up to date with the latest news or TV shows or “reality TV” .  I guess,  in all reality it is concerning to me that people worry about me missing the latest drama when I feel that I am somewhere so beautiful and enjoyable that  watching TV is the last thing I would consider even if it was right in front of me.  

I wake up every morning, look out my window and see the same view and never tire of it. I step out onto the porch and enjoy the fresh mountair air. It is always fresh and new every day. It is like I have the worlds largest plasma screen in every direction I look, and a sound system you can’t beat… because it is real. All of it… tangible and alive. For example as I type this, there are baby horses playing right off the porch, and just this morning I saw 2 moose across the river pop out of the tree line.

Without TV here or even anywere for that matter, we are able to live our own real lives, rather than live through the lives of our favorite actors or actresses. All the sudden the action is right in front of us and we are the stars in our own movie… but it is all real.  We control the channels here by what we choose to do each day.  There are no plasma screens that can show me the beauty that is right outside our front door.  I like being able to touch and smell what I see. There are a lot of beautful places shown on TV, most of which I wont see in this lifetime, but somehow being able to be there, explore and experience it in living color makes the difference.  I think this is true even for those who have the luxury of technology. There is so much out there that we can enjoy through the channels of our life – what we are already surrounded with. The key is to enjoy it and give it a chance to make your day.

Well, here is an example of even when it is raining I am entertained by what is outside my window. Sorry, I don’t have the skills or software to edit, so there is some at the end I could not cut out like I wish… or course it is me laughing again and moving the camera around. But anyways, here it is Tag, You’re it. Baby wants everyone to play in the rain:

A series: Wait. Then, what do you do? (Introduction)

I thought that it would be fun to try and tackle a “series” on my blog. The series has to do with being here where I am –  Colorado.  First, let me explain a little bit to get to my point.  I am living where there is no power-lines, no telephone poles, no cell-coverage, no TV etc. You get the point, off the grid. I do have the luxury of Internet this summer where I am which is quite amazing.  I have been coming here ever since before I even have memories of it. I remember when I was in elementary school writing a little poem for class that was titled something like “my favorite place to go”… and it was referring to right here in this very area.  But, many times when we try and explain to someone where we are going, or better yet that we LOVE going somewhere where there is no TV we more often than not get the blank stare. Then comes a response like, Oh… um ok, have fun (like ya right). Then what generally follows is further questions, but the funniest one to me: 

“Wait. Then…what do you do?”

Well, let me tell you! I am hoping to base my series on that very question because it is quite easy and fun to answer.  I guess no matter what there are people that would not enjoy this sort of thing, but for those of us that do, we better explain it because it is so worth it. So future posts and if not some already will begin to answer that very question.

My first full day, full of many firsts!

Today was awesome.

I have not had much experience with horses, lets just say I have had none. Today was full of learning. It is amazing that in a short period of time that my brain can feel so full and overwhelmed.  I think that each day has potential to fill our heads with new information, I know our brains can take it, but if we do the same thing everyday and don’t learn from each day then it gets boring I think. Today was anything but boring and I know that every day that goes by will be a new adventure with more to learn.

Where I am living this summer I have the amazing opportunity to be around horses everyday, not just around them as in see them – but interact with them every day.  In addition, I have a great teacher who is very knowledgeable am around them all the time but chooses to also learn from them every day.

Canela and baby Crickett

Canella and baby Crickett

So, I’m excited. I’m not sure if I can remember everything I learned today – no I’m sure I can’t but each day will get better and I hope things will come naturally.

So, today was a day of many first for me – but to narrow it down, much of what I learned was around a few horses for just a small part of the whole day. I did not realize before that you can learn so much just by watching them interact with each other and taking a few minutes to be with them. So here is a quick summary of what I remember from today. In future posts, I will elaborate more as I learn more because some will not make sense yet.  For those that have horses and have experience with them, it may be boring, obvious or at least something to think about but I’m new!

  • Like I mentioned, you can learn a lot by watching the horses interact with each other. 
  • If a horse can feel a fly on its back, why has it been thought that the rider has to be rough and jerky with them? A horse can be trained in a gentle way.
  • A boss has to be established, is that the horse or the handler? I know who I want it to be. 
  • Accidents can be avoided, and if not avoided understood.
  • I got a brief introduction of tying up and saddling horses of which I will need practice I am positive.
  • I learned how to “restrain” a colt today to get some medicine. He was just a week old and a tough little fella.
  • Horses have their own body language that is key to pay attention to. For example their ears tell a lot, the weight distribution on their legs etc. They flirt, bite, kick and all that! 
  • How to approach a horse, because all horses are different and we can’t treat them all the same. – “approach and retreat” …repeat. 

    A little training

    A little training lesson


There was so much more I was able to see and witness and am excited for tomorrow. I am learning about horses from the ground up – literally and figuratively. I am pleased with it because if we cannot communicate with each other on the ground, then how can it be expected to happen when I am riding?

Well that is all for today, it’s getting late which means bed time. Another first for the day – A spider just crawled across my pillow – this may not be a first, but at least the first that I am aware of.

sweet dreams!

A New Season

On my trip out to Colorado I had a lot of time… not just time to use doing anything. I had to drive, so I passed the time with thinking, singing and well, driving. I had decided before hand not to rush and get there in record time which is something I would normally do with all my excitement.  I tried to make the most out of the trip and enjoy it. I’ll admit the whole trip was not totally smooth and enjoyable, but I made it!wildflowers

The picture above is one I took a few hours from my summer home. I was so excited to see the wildflowers blooming that it was worth the stop.

Seeing the wildflowers blooming out made me think about the seasons. Not the seasons in terms of weather, but the seasons in our life. I think the seasons we go through are necessary for learning and growing and we need more than 4 seasons to do this. We can constantly learn, but have to choose to do so.  I am very excited about the season ahead of me. I am anxious to learn new things and grow from the experience.

I arrived on the ranch this afternoon and am thrilled. I have been to the area many times, but many times is never enough. Every year it becomes more beautiful and I can’t prepare myself or imagine it to be what it really is. I am in constant awe. If I cannot imagine the beauty here, how much more impossible would it be to imagine what heaven is like?

The grass is always greener…

We have all heard the phrase…

“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”

This phrase popped into my head today as I was walking by the football stadium and football practice fields here at the University.  I was noticing the rich green of the artificial turf. So I added on to the phrase…

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence… especially if it’s artificial turf. TURF!

How often are we unsatisfied with our own situation and think that others have it better? We could be longing for a greener pasture that looks beautiful from a distance, but once you step on to it – it is purely fake. We may actually gain nothing by crossing the fence, well at least in this case.

That is really all I had – just a summary of my thought while walking by.

A life Challenge

As I was writing, or typing my last post a quote that my dad gave me came to mind and I want to share it, it seems to relate. I love his wisdom, it always comes at the right time and he knows exactly what to say and when.

 “Worthwhile goals and achievements can only be appreciated when the process is enjoyed. Enjoying the process, which can be described as the mundane, difficult, the valleys and discouraging parts of everyday life, is the key to being real and someone others will want to be like and spend time with. Focusing too much attention and energy on the completion of a task or goal can make us undesirable people. If one’s goal is reached at the sake of family, friends or peers, which they will label selfish ambition, you will find that the few who walk with you are just like you.”  

–My dad–

I have learned that if I focus too much time on a goal, what is to come, or even what is in the past – the present becomes useless and I fail to enjoy it.  We miss out on so much around us by focusing all we are on one specific thing no matter what that is.  For the past couple years – my thing has been school, not 100 % of my energy, but way too much. I have made good friends here and found things that I enjoy – thankfully that don’t involve school, but I still feel as though I limited myself because I was so driven to complete this goal.

Focusing on the “Timeless”

It seems like we (and by “we” I definately mean me) place a “time” on everything – all is put into a specific time frame.  This may be due to the fact that my schedule revolves around deadlines and having to be certain places at certain times (class, work etc.)  As a result, I have noticed a personal habit of  automatically focusing on time  – how much I have left or how much I have lost.  I am queen of countdowns and countups! For example, I have 25 days of school left this year; I have been in Grad School 2.5 years; It takes me exactly 12 minutes to get from my apartment to my12:10 class; I get to see my boyfriend in 78 days…. it never ends, but of course it does, it is time and it runs out.  This type of thinking may seems perfectly normal to many people because  being “on time” is an important trait and is perfectly appropriate (especially to catch a flight or keep your job).  Society revolves around time or better put, we live in a “fast-food-society” – we have no time, everything needs to happen now. 

If we slow down or even stop to think… maybe even for a split second we could see what we are missing, what we are sacrificing and what we really want… by dwelling on time. In the end, the timeless things matter and are what we learn to cherish. I’m not saying that time should be thrown out the window, but if we are consumed by it – what kind of people will be become?

The reason I think about this topic today is because I stopped to think.  Days that I have had the best “time” was when I was completely unaware of what time it actually was, it did not matter.  If the sun is up I should be too and if it’s the moon, maybe I should get some sleep.  I know I am being redundant and saying this too much, but focusing so much on time causes us to loose sight of things that are “timeless”. If I focus too much time on what is to come or dwell too much on the past, than the present becomes useless and I fail to enjoy it because I am focusing on something that will fade.  We miss out on so much by wishing time would go faster through a certain time (personal example has been the last few years of school) but often when looking back you really miss out on some of the good that could have came about.   

Timeless things are unaffected by time and a date simply cannot be put on them.

Things that are “timeless”  make life what it is, it brings LIFE to life! I began to think of things that are indeed timeless… and the first one that came to my mind was love.  We grow old, out loved ones grow old, but love is timeless. It cannot be given a date, it never dies. Love preserves through all times, good or bad.   

Thinking of the timeless and giving our focus there is refreshing and even rewarding. It can bring perspective to the things that we have placed time on. I have been encourage to be aware of time time, but cherish the timeless and make them priority.

If you want to share others, we could get a wonderful list! 🙂

Dream On…Seriously!

Dreams mean different things to different people:

  • Some have them and move on not thinking twice about them
  • Some live in them and ignore reality
  • While…others avoid them and choose reality
  • Few claim to never have them
  • some can’t escape them
  • Some don’t believe they can come true
  • Some won’t rest until they do
  • but at the same time… some are resting on dreams come true

I see dreams maybe a little different than many. I have always been what my parents call a “dreamer” because I am always coming up with ideas that seem (I will admit) somewhat extreme or crazy or weird.  I have from time to time received that  blank stare or “good luck with that” reaction. To clarify, I am not necessarily talking about the dreams I have in my sleep – that is another story because they often really are out there and make no sense. I am talking about good ol’ day dreams or thoughts or ideas. Moreso, the things that excite me, get me going. When I grow up I want to….   that kind of dreaming.  To me dreams have purpose, I believe God places them inside us so that we can live purposeful and wholesome lives. No matter how crazy an idea or “dream” is, we don’t have them to immediately write off or forget about. If we don’t work to accomplish what we set out to do and desire to do… someday, someone somewhere somehow is going to do it and it will leave you wondering if it could have been you. So, that may be really really out there to many, but I will always believe it – don’t limit yourself! All that to say, I also have to not write off my dreams  –  I know I am not meant to do all of them, but if I don’t do any of them I will have failed. Dreams change, they grow and combine – does that dream no matter how big or small still live inside you? 

 Dream on…

into reality!