Happy National Watermelon Day

Happy National Watermelon Day!

I really love watermelon, there is nothing like a perfectly red, ripe tasty melon… and if it is seedless, even better!  I can’t put away a lot of this yummy item!  Since I now live in an area that things can grow stuff (as you already know by my gardening posts), watermelon was a for sure on my “to plant” list.  Well, they actually did phenomenal even with all the dry weather we had for a while.



Well,  up to a certain point… and here is why.  Just days before several were ready to pick and enjoy, something ate into every single melon out there… maybe around 50 or so total.  On day one we found most of them chewed into and so I picked 3 of the biggest that were left because by the next day the rest were ruined (even all the small ones that were hardly even 3″ in diameter)… they did not stand a chance! Of course I was big-time bummed because they were what I was looking forward to the most in the garden.  But I tried not to let it get me down too much  because hey, I tried and also we can only do so much living several miles from the garden spot.



But hey, enough on the sad news right? I can go to the store and get one  because there is much to enjoy about these red (or yellow) yummies!   You can quench your thirst and fill your belly at the same time, and enjoy watermelon knowing it is a good source of Potassium, and a very good source of Vitamins A and C.  So maybe next year I will attempt again, or maybe not… Something out there got its fill on my melons and I am not sure I want to feed the local critters any  longer! 🙂

Have a great day and go eat some watermelon!

a great day at the garden!

Yay for the harvest of 2 yellow squash today! They were planted on, May 3!

Also, the basil is doing wonderful and we have some good sized cucumbers as well! In a couple of days we may have some cucumbers to harvest!

All for now, busy busy today! Have a wonderful day!

The Harvest begins with one…

Today was the first day to harvest something out of the garden… that one thing is an awesome lone zucchini!  I planted the zucchini plants and seeds the 3rd of May and this was off one of the plants.  The seedlings are not too far behind tho!  Momma and her babies are never far when we are at the garden as you can see in the picture below… also the sky was super pretty after it dropped a few rain drops.  More harvesting soon and I have a feeling it will really really pick up soon!

Fun Fun!

Gardening: My finger-nails are filthy and I have mosquito bites

but what an exciting day at the garden… today a yellow squash and zucchini appeared! 🙂

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There sure is a lot of work involved… but so far I have really enjoyed it!  I know already that I want to plant one next year and even see what we can grow  year-round. I am sure it would be a lot easier with a tiller or something else to keep the rows clean and all that, but I have enjoyed the exercise in getting out there and doing what I can myself.

More later!

The home garden: “Tiny” but exciting news

Can you believe it? Our first tomato… on the “Cherry Tomato” plant! As I was leaving the house this morning I looked specifically for tomatoes on the plants we have at the house and found none… but after lunch when I returned I found this tiny tomato.  This was the first plant to show blooms but now all the plants have at least a few blooms!  How exciting!

It gets better… when I got home this evening from working on the garden and watering it as well as  feeding momma and the twins, look what else appeared since I was gone… and looks like many more to come! Yay – excitement level just increased a lot!  Last night we ate at some great friends’ house and ate some of their home-grown tomatoes from their garden… they were so yummy and got me excited and hopeful that ours will someday be edible!  They are also growing a garden for the first time, so it has been fun! Check it out!

All for now, I should do something with my evening!

Gardening: Now we are really growing!

Surely pictures are enough for today right? They speak for themselves I would say… but incase they are shy – the garden is really growing and it is super exciting!

Gardening: The grass and weeds are thriving!

It has been super dry, so I went out to water the garden again today and it looks like the plants (that I want) were overall looking pretty good, some were really wilted, but not completely shrivelled… just overdue for water.  The grass and weeds on the other hand were having a huge party.

See the green tint everywhere? Well it is kind of hard to tell in this picture because I have already worked a section of it.

Here is what I have yet to do.  I have a lot more to do hopefully tomorrow afternoon! I don’t want to get too behind! 🙂

 This is not a good picture, but you can see the darker sections where I got out a lot of the grass and weeds…. be gone you unwanted things!  The plants have really started to grow though – so that is super exciting!

More soon,  I will get some pictures of the new blooms on the squash and a few on the cucumbers… there are some onions finally coming up too I think, ok I hope!

Bye for now!  Happy growing stuff – I am not only growing a garden, but a mess at the house because I would rather be outside! 🙂

Gardening update… been a few days!

I went out the the garden real quick today to give it some water and pull out some grass/weeds and snapped a few pictures! I will be back out in the next day or so and be able to look a lot closer!  Fun, fun fun!!