Our family has expanded… Meet Chaco!


Meet the newest member of our family…


On Monday, we were finally able to bring our bundle (or hand full) of joy home and I am totally thrilled and already love this little guy to the core…

He is brave, sweet, snuggly, very smart, attentive, spunky, interested and loves to play hard and sleep hard!  I know he still really misses his doggy family a lot but he is adjusting well and is getting more confident!  For sure, he is becoming our little buddy more and more all the time.  I already mentioned he is smart, but have to mention it again.  He catches on pretty quick.  He is not super hyper but not extremely lazy either – he has a pretty good balance it seems like.

We got the special privilege of getting “first-pick” of the litter which was a lot harder than I even thought it would be… of course they were all cute.  This one just seemed extra special to us through our visits and I think he picked us too.

Here he is at about 6 1/2 weeks old (when we picked him)

The next two pictures are of our second visit – around when the puppies were 4 weeks old.

These were my top 2 chilling out!

This picture was taken on our first visit when he was about 2 weeks old.  He was just so content and relaxed!

of course, you know there will be more pictures and posts to come as we enjoy our new doggy!


This post will conclude “feet month” as it has gone on too long, but I will probably post more about the topic in the future, maybe even tomorrow, ha ha!  But I wanted to post another pair of shoes at least, a very special pair as they carry many great memories.

My Boots!

This picture was taken at… Our wedding! 🙂

 We had some fun pictures done in a western theme, so my boots were very fitting! 

So, many memories already, but that is just the beginning…  Also, many awesome memories of summers in Colorado riding horses and learning about them (and much more)!

Greg and I above Brewster Park…

me above Brewster again…

they were worn through many many brushing sessions…

and of course checking in on many beautiful horses…

It is so fun to reminisce of wonderful times in the past!  Oddly, I have found that even something as simple as shoes bring out so many memories, I had no idea that would happen as I was posting on them! As I have said in earlier posts, if I think back on the times I wore certain shoes, out come memories!  If I even look at my boots I smile because of all the memories… like in the  pictures above which is just a few I picked out! I am so thankful for opportunities I have had in the past but also am excited about adventures to come.

It may be weird, but look at a few of your shoes and see if memories flow out! 🙂

Bye for now, more to come on another topic besides shoes!

Twins… moooooooooo!

My favorite cow had twins! I can remember when we got here in October I thought she was going to have a calf any day… but she finally had her TWO little ones just a few days ago… right before I got back from Oregon!

This new little family has a story already besides being just plain cute.  When they were born they could not nurse.  Momma had an enormous bag which was super low to the ground and they could not figure it out and get their nutrients. Greg and his brother worked with them, did the bottle thing, pa mixed up some eggs for them in hopes it would give them something.  They did not know if they were going to make it or not. 

The day after I got back, we went out to see/check on them and we could see they had tried to nurse some… but had not totally figured it out yet.  Greg was trying to get momma into the shute to try to get them some milk… but she just did not really want to go today.  She is a very nice and gentle cow which is ideal when something like this happens, so Greg decided to see if he could just help the babies figure it out in the open pin.  The calves were coming up to us and trying to suck on our jeans, hands – just anything they could put their little tongue on but Greg directed them over to momma and tried to help hook them up… and it worked great. She was super cooperative and they learned very quick.  She stood very still and did not mind Greg down there helping the calves. It was so neat to watch too! 

 It has now been about a week since they were born and they seem to be doing very well.  It was amazing to see the transformation in the… from weak to strong – now out playing with each other and jumping around, kicking out their back legs.  We have checked on them everyday and they seem to be doing well.  We had a close call on Sunday however when we found one of the calves cornered near the barn totally separated from momma out in the direct sun.  It seemed to be pretty dry and confused, of which my theory is this:  A stray dog showed up the other day and has been playing with boy-dog. When we were looking for the calf, I looked towards the barn and heard that stray barking… so I hurried over there and when I could see that it was barking at the baby calf I yelled at the dog and it ran away and we found the calf cornered in there – dry and confused.   Anyways, medium-length story short, Greg carried the little one back to momma and it nursed, nursed nursed and was fine.  Also, that dog is no longer hanging out at Pa’s house. 

So, they calves are doing great and are so fun to watch…  Here are some pictures of the happy family… and Greg helping out!