About the blog…

A little about this blog…
  • First, it is not all about me, I hope that it can apply to a wide variety of people. I intend to write and post different things… stories, ideas, recipes, thoughts, pictures, and many other things that can… cause laughter, thought, inspiration, and growth. It does not hold a specific theme or scheme. I am quite certain that it will be constantly changing as I travel through life and experience new things, locations and meet new people.  If there is not something that grabs you, check back again later – maybe it will then!
  • Why the name “Glimmer in Eternity? When I first started my blog I strugged for a while with what to name it… I almost quit right there. How does one come up with a title when life is every changing. I have always been told that life is so short – it goes so fast – I want to try and maximize life and enjoy it to the fullest  and in the scheme of eternity, my life is nothing but a quick glimmer.
  • Please feel free to leave comments as well!

In regard to photographs…

  • If you would like to use, share or purchase any photographs/prints on my blog, please contact me directly for permission –   bekawhit@gmail.com.  I will soon be working on a page with photographs for sale if anyone is interested.

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