month 9: monkey picture

Happy 9 month b-day sweet Kelvin!

Between last months post and this one, Kelvin has mastered the crawl (legitimately crawl rather than the scoot he had going on) has started to wave (mainly just at Greg)… say ma-ma and da-dad… along with some  ba-ba’s – among other combinations of squeals, yells and other interesting sound effects! I think he has definitely found his voice! He loves to tell us things even if we can’t understand him… and sometimes with such passion that it makes us laugh!  He is a very happy and smiley little guy and we just love him to pieces! And he now has 4 teeth with more due any day!

Here are his past monkey pics for those of you just tuning in!

month 0

month 1

month 2

month 3

month 4

month 5

month 6

month 7

month 8

month 9:

silly boy!

9 months

we were both laughing so hard during this session that we may have to retake some… but I still love them!

9 months

9 months

Just for fun (because I could not wait until 12 months), here is a side by side comparing month 0 and month 9!

Not the best of pics because they are set up different, but you get the idea! 🙂

Kelvin at 0 months9 months

I can’t believe we are at this point already…

We will see you next month! 🙂



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