27 random things about me…

I don’t know where I got this idea… but here we go! I also don’t know why I chose the number 27… or do I?

I lied. I know why.

Here we go, 27 random things:

  1. I’ve got to be related to cookie monster in some way shape or form
  2. I squirt toothpaste into my mouth rather than onto my brush
  3. I was born in the midwest… Kansas to be exact
  4. I love outside – everything about it
  5. I am a dreamer but believe they come true
  6. I don’t drink soda, pop, or soda-pop… coke, Pepsi or anything carbonated
  7. I am a “sweet tooth”
  8. I like dark chocolate – anywhere from about 70% and up
  9. I generally like my eggs scrambled
  10. I have been happily married for 2 years plus a few months and a few days to my wonderful husband who makes life a lot more fun
  11. I have never broken a bone
  12. I dress pretty plain and basic – dare I say boring?
  13. I am very much a dog person
  14. I am not good at following recipes – Well I would be good at it if I would do it… but  I guess I just don’t do it
  15. I love fruit and veggies, but let’s be honest here, I like fruit a considerable amount more
  16. I have a 4 month old baby boy
  17. I don’t like cold water to touch my body but I love to drink very cold water
  18. I majored in health/PE and Food Science and Human Nutrition/Dietetics –
  19. I like my buns toasted
  20. I like my dressing on the side and I may or may not eat any of it
  21. I like long walks on the beach – or the street – or the trail, just wherever
  22. I can live without TV… thrive actually
  23. I have a super-duper family that has always supported all my endeavors
  24. I am  adventurous  with a side scoop of practical
  25. I order a decaf, grande, vanilla, extra hot latte at  Starbucks
  26. I have lived in Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Kansas, Michigan and Florida
  27. I could probably eat an entire watermelon

I really just got started on my list, maybe next year I can make a new list… but I may forget by then to be honest! I am sure that was plenty for you though! Have a wonderful day!  Try this, it is really fun – you may have a different number to use than me… but only if you want!

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