A few things i’ve learned since becoming a mommy…

Since becoming a mommy…

I have learned… (and I realize these are not novel and there is still more to be learned)

  • I really love being a mommy, I did not know I would until It happened!
  • There is definitely no “freeze” or “time-out” in this game folks.
  • It is best for mom to  swaddle the baby because dad will swaddle him like he will be riding on top of the SUV!
  • It goes fast, even when it seems slow… i cant believe he is 4 months old!
  • A quick run through the shower is sometimes better than a day at the spa… just about priceless it seems like!
  • A glider/rocker makes me motion sick, but so do elevators so it does not take much!
  • My chipped/faded toe nail polish does not look too terrible and it will eventually grow out, right?
  • It is amazing how much love blossoms once that precious being comes into the world!
  • All those little aches, pains, stretch marks and the swollen ankles I had are/were worth it.
  • An uninterrupted full nights sleep is no longer around 12 hours but nice if it is at least 5!
  • I appreciate my mom so much more!
  • Some outfits only last 5 minutes (that goes for mine and/or his) and some diapers only  30 seconds!
  • I really wish I was the napping type but I guess I am just not very good at it.
  • Prioritization is a must and never take one minute of free time for granted!
  • When “water” breaks, it is more like a flood gate opening I’d say! 🙂
  • Despite what many told us, you CAN drive all the way across the entire country with a 7 week old baby… and more importantly, enjoy it!
  • A little one can actually get noticeably cuter each and every day… even after a short nap!
  • I love that little boy more than anything in the world!
  • a watermelon can sometimes work as something for an infant to be propped on…
  • I  may have told him too soon that he will not be able to have “milk” his whole life… what do you think?
    Well I now we’ve just begun and I have a lot to learn, but I have really enjoyed it so far! I am so happy to be able to hang out with this little bundle of true joy all day long!

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