A new chapter…

a new chapter…or a new book it could seem like!

Every since Greg and I became, well… Greg and I, we have done things against the norm – different from most around us.

We met at college in the middle of the country and began our relationship knowing that we were from opposite ends of the country – opposite worlds. But hey, we really liked each other from minute one so why not! I don’t think we really realized what that meant and exactly what would take place from there.  Months after we began dating, our relationship became the dreaded “long distance relationship”. With this came some bumps in the road and one bump that caused us to believe it was over for good – we both (unknowingly to each other) actually deep down knew we wanted to be together – forever! Obviously and thank God, we ended up back together.  Greg spontaneously flew out to Oregon for the weekend to see me in 2008 (arriving the day after Valentines Day). It had been a while since we had seen each other… for sure a year or more. Long story short: we married in June of 2010! We then moved to a guest ranch in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, away from both of our families and friends for a few months and worked. This was the best time of our lives… the best thing we could have done for US. but who does that? Who leaves their families and jobs for a seasonal position with no promise of anything once the season ends? We do! We are so thankful and grateful that we did.  It was during this time that we became “us”… we were thrown out of our every day routine and were forced to depend on each other alone – a great way to start a marriage! Totally awesome and I would recommend something like that to every body! Awesome time, but for sure not the norm! After this, we moved to Florida where Greg is from… no jobs, just a house and his  family which was a good place to start we thought. We had to go somewhere after all.  After about 6 months of searching, we both were given jobs – phew! I say given on purpose because they were jobs that we did not apply for – they were just offered to us! Talk about awesome!

So, anyways… there we were working and falling into a predictable routine… fitting into the mold of every one else. For us, that was very uncomfortable. We began to see exactly what our lives would look like… forever! I admit it was unsettling, very unsettling. For most, this would be a freeing feeling, a “we have made it” type of feeling, but for us it was scary. We did not like what we saw 5, 10, 20, 30 years from then because it was not what our team had set out to do. Our team being us.  Not only are we as a couple not like the majority of people, but individually as well, so we compliment each other. I have always been a dreamer and have all kinds of ideas (big and small) of what I want to do! It is not that we were unhappy , that we hated things or that we did not agree with how others were living, but we have many goals/dreams/ideas that we want to do and accomplish.  Further,  a bouncy little boy would be joining us in this life we had set up… even more scary because not only did we see our whole lives ahead, we also saw his. Having a baby for many people is like pouring concrete around you – you become stuck. Not us! We refused to let this slow us down or better worded – tie us down.  We looked for different opportunities else where… looked for ways to venture out, but nothing lined up perfectly. So… here is what we did… and in the following order…

We had a baby in April

We quit our jobs in May

We packed up the house (check out my earlier post which really helped me pack) in June

Then we moved all the way across the entire Country

Many people have babies, many people quit their jobs and many people move, but fewer do all of that in the matter of just a couple short months! What we did is probably not advisable but we did it and we are so glad we did. If we would have waited for everything to line up perfectly, we would have never left, became more and more molded. So, here we are beginning a new chapter in our lives. A new adventure. I am not saying that once we both have jobs and get into a routine it is time to pick up and move again, and I am not saying that everyone else do”does it wrong” and we “have it all figured out” or that we were ever unhappy where we were. It totally seems like we fly by the seat of our pants, but this is not true either. I am saying that we both had a stirring and desire to move and so we did! We are now entering a totally new phase of life that we are excited about. We are free to explore things and dream on, strive to achieve something greater. Through our lives we always want to look for ways to increase. We love adventure, the great outdoors and being around people who are excited about life! We have never worried about being able to make it – every one can make it. We live in America. God has always blessed us no matter where we are.  We’re proud of the fact that we have been able to go for it and throw ourselves into the unfamiliar, the unknown. Why not?  Many people go through life always making the safe choice, the most comfortable because they fear what will happen if they fail. You can only fall back to the place where you start! But hey, you may just make it – you will more than make it!  This may be more of a pep talk for me, but I thought I would share what was on my mind today while my sweet baby boy was taking a nap. I appoligze it that was rambled or unorganized, but I was working in a small window of time today!

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