I am back…

Hey everyone! I am back… and it feels awesome! After a very extended time away from blogging (and a long list of other things), I am so excited to be back in action! There are so many things to say and catch up on I could just freak out a little! So much has happened over the past few months! I will go into more detail on them in many posts I need to well… post (and will as time and brain power allows)!

I am back…..

  • to Bend! My husband, son and dog moved here a little over a month ago! BOY oh boy and I pumped to be back in the northwest! I love it here!
  • online! We were packing up our Florida home, driving across the country and then getting settled in… so a large time of no internet!
  • in action after having our beautiful baby boy! I am officially a mommy and love it!
  • to blogging (obviously if you are reading this)!
  • to baking and cooking when I can… not enough I am sure if you ask my husband! Many meals we just eat something simple to thrown together it feels like to me.
  • to exercising… some at least! 🙂 We have a super sweet stroller that does not need to be collecting dust unless it is out on the trail!
  • to myself again (mostly) after all that having a baby stuff! Seems like many days I still keep feeling better and he is almost 4 months old!

Please excuse my progress here as I will be catching up on some events and sharing some things that have already been long over-due… but if I made it all into ONE blog it would be a novel and that is just toooo long for one post, right? Well I hope this finds everyone out there doing well and enjoying life! We sure have been enjoying life although it has been somewhat of a whirlwind! When you have a baby, move out of a house, move all the way across the country with a week vacation in the middle and move into a different house – it is quite a bit I tell ya!

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