Fresh home-style guacamole…

Greg loves guacamole… he really really likes this stuff!  He puts in on all kinds of things.  When he dips a chip in the bowl, you can bet that a significant amount of guac will be gone because he piles it on. He puts it on everything mexican, sandwiches,  eggs, in some soups and more…

When I went to the store the other day (unfortunately the local one that does not have guacamole… unless you count guacamole “flavored” dip as close enough – we don’t)  I walked by the avocados and decided to pick some up so I could make him some… It took a couple of days for them to be the perfect ripeness but then we were in business.  As for what I did:

I put the avocado flesh (about 4 of them) in a bowl with a tad of lemon juice (I would have used lime if I had any), then added a little bit of diced tomato, one jalapeno, some chopped onion and a little bit of a sweet yellow pepper that I had… oh and I put a tiny dash of garlic and onion powder – that is it that I recall.  Then I used a fork and mashed it all up!

Here is the result and of course, we ate it! It was pretty good if I say so myself! It is really quite simple! One word of advice, it brown very quickly, so some kind of acid is needed to keep it longer – but I would plan of eating it right after you make it. Even with some lime/lemon juice and the tightest of tight sealing – it will brown by morning.


Avocados are healthy too! They contain healthy fats, potassium (more than a banana), vitamin E, folic acid, B vitamins. Eat up… maybe not like 10 a day, but you know! 🙂

One thought on “Fresh home-style guacamole…

  1. Love guac! And I’m so with you, that nasty green goop labeled “Gucamole dip” is NOT real guac, yuck yuck yucky.
    Mmmmm, this looks so good! I need to make some! Did you use canned diced tomatoes or fresh?

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