A little bit of Oregon to warm my heart…

A little bit of Oregon to warm my heart...

SO, today I was super hungry at lunch and the thing that sounded best was a good ol’ PBJ… it is quick and o-so-tasty, especially with a glass of milk! I opened up the loaf of bread (the best of what there was the chose from at the local store) and when I pulled out my two slices, I had to smile because the first thing that came to mind was OREGON… “home”! So, of course I had to take a picture and let all you Oregon folks know I miss you, the beauty and just all that comes to mind when I think of Oregon (trying not to make a novel post right now, ha ha).

As I was making my sandwich I was hard not to be thinking of some of the other food items that are not sold here like…. many awesome breads … franz varieties such as… Black Butte, Oregon Trail, Shasta Wilderness, Columbia River, Willamette Valley etc. You know, those breads only found “there”. Also, Great Harvest Bread Co… I could go for that any day – but right now, I could go for a fresh slice, toasted with a nice generous spread of Marionberry Jam (also not sold anywhere around here).

Anyways, there are many other things I am sure, but as mentioned – no novel post today, I should try and get something else done!

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