Prego update: 33 weeks

33 weeks and growing!

I am very slow to update and blog – but hey who isn’t busy and has time to sit at the computer all day? 🙂  I’ve been feeling great still and have been enjoying “nesting” and trying to get the house somewhat organized.  We have lived here a little over a year and I still have boxes packed and too much unorganization for my liking. But, what does not get done, just won’t and I have been trying to realize that it is just OK – no matter what. When it all boils down, it does not really matter.  I still enjoy making lists and at least attempting to cross at least one thing off for the day! 🙂

Here is a brief update … again in categories for simplicity like my last update! 🙂

33 weeks along!

Have you picked out a name?  still no name! 🙂

Cravings: Still no odd cravings or weird combinations have crossed my mind, but some of my “cravings” have remained the same with some additions! I feel as though they are getting overall “unhealthier” as the time goes… so I am trying not to go super crazy!

  • fruit in general, still grapefruit and all berries
  • colby-jack cheese and crackers
  • tortilla chips and peach mango salsa
  • very very cold water – or should I say ice with a little water in it
  • Cookie dough AND the fresh baked cookies, but it is nice because just a few cookies taste good, then my craving is over
  • vanilla frozen yogurt
  • good ol’ vanilla yogurt
  • peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk

Needless to say, lots of things sound so good lately!  However, a few of the things that I ate earlier in the pregnancy when I had a little nausea do not sound good… like a specific kind of Cliff Bar and a certain restaurant in town where we ate lunch at a few times… and a few other things I know when I see them… so no thanks on those for sure, but I am glad none of my favorite foods have been ruined for me!

Nursery:  YAY! Big changes here. He has a crib with a matching dresser on order, Greg got me a nice glider/recliner/swivel chair and put in a new light!  It is really coming along and I love to just go sit in there!

Weight:  ummmmmmmmmmmm….. yeah, “we” are still growing, just seems like one of us a lot more than the other 😉  It seems like some people say I am small for how pregnant I am, but others say the exact opposite – whatever, just whatever!  I am up a grand total of 25 lbs already I believe… and still have a ways to “grow” so they say, but who is keeping track anyway and did I type that? 😉

Roughly about 7 weeks to go and he will be here!

Random:  I am trying not to freak out that “D-Day” is approaching more rapid than I thought it would……………………… 🙂 but really, is freaking out really going to help? probably not.

2 thoughts on “Prego update: 33 weeks

  1. Really enjoyed all you shared in your baby update. Thanks for taking the time to share. We are so excited for you and Greg!

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