Prego update: 26 weeks

So I know I have not had a blog update in a while… but it has been pretty busy around here for me. I have not been doing a ton it seems like, yet I stay busy… and that has not involved doing anything on the computer. I mean it – It was off when I sat down and I am not totally sure how long it had been off.  I have been neglecting the screen and spending more time trying to stay caught up on the simple tasks like laundry and dishes (of which can really pile up in a hurry… especially when the dishwasher does not work and we eat 3+ meals a day at home). I guess I have also been working too, can’t forget about that – the jobby job.

Anyways, all is going well and we are getting more and more excited for our little boy to get here!

Here is a brief update arranged into a couple categories for simplicity! 🙂 

26 weeks along!

Have you picked out a name?  I am amazed at how often we are asked this question around these parts…. no, we have not named him yet as strange as that is to many, but that will be decided/disclosed on his birth-day I am pretty sure as we just need to see him to make our final decision!

Cravings: I have not had any extreme cravings… or at least to the extent of which people talk about… I have not craved peanut butter and pickle sandwiches or any other odd combination of foods, but looking back over the past couple months I can tell you what has sounded and tasted really extra good:

  • strawberries
  • grapefruit
  • honey crisp apples
  • colby-jack cheese and crackers
  • tortilla chips
  • gum
  • very very cold water
  • toast with marionberry or strawberry jelly

At the beginning of the pregnancy, I went through a phase where nothing sounded that good… so this list is just what has sounded extra good lately. There are many others however, but those make the top of the list.

Nursery:  I have managed to clean out his room to empty status – before we called it the “temptation room” because it consisted of all kinds of things for chaco to get into.  It was a combination of my closet, storage room, laundry staging area, space to put stuff to sort and much more.  As for the nursery, we don’t have a theme or scheme, just an empty room which believe me is big time progress so far!

Weight:  oh yeah, “he” is really growing these days…  ok, we are, but seriously, at our latest ultrasound he was already in the 80th percentile so the doctor says he will be a “big boy”…. we will see! 🙂

But really, we are getting more and more excited… I feel like my belly has really just started to pop out.  I don’t really feel pregnant yet… like the miserableness people speak of and all that… but I try not to listen to all the negative side of pregnancy. I am trying to have my own pregnancy and honestly enjoy it as much as I can.

It is all just a miracle! 🙂

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