The best of 2011

2011 was a super year for us… it really was!  We look back and have so much to smile about and be thankful for.  

 Some highlights for us:

  • We both went from unemployed to employed (Greg in January, me in April)
  • I got to go visit my family is April and spend some quality time with my parents. Mom and I celebrated her birthday and mothers day early with a spa day!
  • Greg and I celebrated our first anniversary!
  • Found out we are expecting a baby boy! We are so excited and thrilled to be expanding our family!
  • We upgraded a vehicle… sold my red truck and got a Honda pilot – more of a mom-mobile!
  • I went to CO with my family (while Greg was studious and stayed for his summer classes). Also here I summited Pole Mountain!
  • We got a wonderful puppy – Chaco whom we are pretty crazy about! He is so smart and fun!
  • Greg and I went all the way to Houston to attend a church service at Lakewood Church where we got to hear Pastor Joseph Prince speak from Singapore. What a treat and how refreshing that was for us!
  • We were able to spend Christmas in Oregon with my family – although there was no white Christmas, it was still very fun and we were so thankful to go!
  • We went on a camping trip with friends to St Joseph Island Peninsula State Park! First time for me to camp in Florida… and at the beach too!
  • We also are happy to proclaim we had a year of health!
  • Our finances increased 100 fold, going from no income to even part-time income is pretty significant! We are so blessed!

I know that there are more things that we can share, but that is a pretty good list so far! I will add if I forgot anything! We are excited for what 2012 will bring! We are expecting great things and are ready!  So far, we know that come April, we will have a baby boy join us!   We are expecting another year of health, more blessings and just plain old fun if I can say so! 🙂

I hope this finds you all doing great!

Happy New Year!


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