Oh Boy!

A baby update:

  It’s a boy!


Many ask, is that what you wanted? SURE, but if it was a girl I would say the same. We are just thrilled to the core!

We are super excited for our baby boy to be joining our family in April!  It is hard to believe that I am already 5 1/2 months along!  He already weighs over a pound, but needless to say, we are both growing! 😉

This whole baby thing has me pretty excited, but I have to admit, I find myself in a whole different arena… a different world!  Traditionally, I will sit down and make a list of things I need for whatever is coming…  like today I am making a list for Christmas shopping/packing etc. while working on my grocery list.  When we got our puppy, making that list was pretty simple. I made a list and “went to town” on what of this or that to get, which crate would be best, what food etc.  I did my research and had us completely set up for him to come home probably an entire month before we even got him.  I have done dogs, been around dogs and have a pretty good idea what is needed so it kind of just came natural to me.

But, how do I make a list of what I need when I have no idea what it is that I need?  At this point, I have a partial list of very obvious things that a 4-year-old could give me.  So, guess what?  I have nothing!  That is a complete exaggeration and I can’t say that I have nothing because his sweet “grandma” already sent him a little package with onesies,  and a few other cute items (which I look at all the time because I can’t get over how tiny and adorable they are)!  Also, I have one infant diaper and a pile of random coupons the health department gave me as a “yay, you are pregnant” starter kit.  I know we have some time to get everything done, and what really matters is that we already love the little guy so much!  We will slowly acquire the necessities that we need and all will be just fine, and at least we know where to start – at the very beginning!  Get this, I have yet to even acquire any maternity clothes!  The clothes that will work are dwindling almost daily it feels like.  If I put it on and it is too tight or does not look “right” I fold it up and put it directly into a tub labeled “pre-maternity” clothes… I think I just started my 3rd tub this morning.  For me, if I can’t wear it, it is much easier to get it out of the mix.  I figure any day I will wish that I had a stock pile of maternity clothes ready and waiting for me because this morning found me staring at the closet like – ummmmmmmmm….well… this will work, I guess, as I put on the same pair of work pants that I have worn the last 3 days!  That is a bridge I will be forced to cross soon I fear because it is not like my tummy is shrinking!

I probably sound negative, but I don’t mean to. It really it is a super exciting time and is not meant to stressful and overwhelming time… so I should probably not freak out, right?

Wanna help my list grow!? Don’t be shy! What should be on my list? 🙂

In the meantime, I will try to lay off the cookies.

4 thoughts on “Oh Boy!

  1. Crib
    chest of drawers
    Vaseline (works the best for the hiney!!!).. don’t bother with all that Desitin and Butt Paste.. keep it simple… I used to put it on my babies before they went to bed and that way if they used the bathroom in their sleep the vaseline protected them until they were awake.
    Onesies and sleepers!! Love them!!
    Bassinet for the first few months
    Car seat
    blankets, thick and thin
    nose sucker (usually the hospital will give you one)
    nail clippers
    Mylicon gas drops!!! the store versions are just as good
    burp rags
    diaper bags, several sizes 🙂

    optional items… swing, pack and play, toys, etc…
    These are a few of my favorite things!!! I’ll add as I think of different things, Love you and I CAN’T for him to get here!!

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