Forida Caverns State Park

Our adventure for this past Saturday was going to the Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna on Saturday with some friends! You can click on the link for additional information, because honestly I don’t have details about it, we just had fun! It was a good study break for Greg I know, who has finals week right around the corner.

We went on a tour of the caverns which was pretty neat.  I have been in a few caves to date (my favorite being Arnold) but this was my first time being in a cave with lights! The cave literally had lights and cemented walkways throughout… and this Oregon girl is not used to that. Usually caving means you get dirty, cold, hungry, thirsty and thrilled out! The tour guide asked the group – “Now, how many of you have ever been in a cave and the lights were turned off (like in a creepy weird and crazy voice)?” I laughed out loud on accident then hid behind Greg. I wanted to say that I had never been in a cave when the lights were turned on!

We did the cave tour, then all (along with Chaco) went on a little hike around some of the park! It has been very dry, so a lot of the places that usually were full of water were dry (swampy areas), which was fine with me… less critters and bugs. But it was overall really neat to see the landscape and a totally different type of cave! I am so glad that we went!  We would like to go back again and spend more time walking around and seeing some other features the park has to offer. Enjoy the pics below… it was hard to get good pictures inside (even with lights).

One thought on “Forida Caverns State Park

  1. Enjoyed the pics! I think you did a good job. We haven’t been to that cave. Vernon will be glad to see the bat. Of course, I remember being in the lava tube in Oregon with you. Personally, I prefer a cave with lights like this one has.

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