April Showers Bring…

…May flowers…


Well at least that is what they say and that  what I have always heard!

For us, come April, we will have us a bundle of joy…

a little one…

a baby!

Yep, talk about some very exciting changes for us ahead.  I thought Chaco would be expansion, as blogged about before…  but now we are really really expanding our family!  We are truly excited about what is ahead and I feel like I have so much to learn and do before that time comes, but no matter what I get done or what I learn – it is coming! I am almost half-way!

Here is our little one “bean” – “brewing” at my first ultrasound at ~10 weeks.

 (we call it a bean to avoid calling it, just that… an IT! )


Will we be picking out boy or girl names?

So, hey – definitely new blog topics ahead right? It is pretty amazing how each day seems basically the same, but when you look back everything is totally different.  It was not too long ago I had completely different thoughts that I do now… it is amazing how fast things change!

I’ve got to say I have been pretty busy lately with work and little odds-n ends and have not blogged like I would like to, but stay tuned and don’t give up on me! I will be back before too long again for another update from the land of “us”!

Have a wonderful day and may this find you with lots to smile about!

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