Sitting wishing and waiting… for life to start!?

Just a little something that was on my mind for you all about life!

I have been thinking a lot about life lately and I have learned to know that life does not start when an event finally comes…  a particular event does not mark the “start” of your life…

well, it should not I don’t think…

It seems as though life is kind of mapped out in stages or rather, defined by certain landmarks. We live for the next one, rather than enjoying the journey between. We focus so much on dates and events and spend so much time waiting for them to come… and when they finally do come, they are gone so fast… we are left with the feeling of … “was that it?”

These are some of the common events/landmarks that come to mind through the course of ones life of course which can be different for different people:

  • the next birthday, the next Christmas etc. (once you are old enough)
  • starting school for the first time…
  • which leads to starting middle school…
  • then finally being in high school
  • you never thought it would come but, graduating from high school
  • going to college, moving “out” or whatever is next
  • graduating from college
  • getting a job
  • getting married
  • buying a house
  • having a baby
  • buying a new car
  • getting a promotion
  • finally retiring….

but then what?

Life goes so quickly and there is so much else to enjoy, I mean look at how short that list is. I can come up with a list twice as long just for the day.  I know these are big things, and it is not right to compare it to my tasks for the day… but think about all that can be enjoyed during the time (sometimes years) between each of those “landmarks”. I believe enjoying the process of life and enjoying all the times between big events can only make the “main” events that much better!

If we constantly live our lives for what is next, we fail to enjoy the process along the way.  I have realized that a quality life is living life full which does not mean living for events, but living full even between events.  This is what makes life so meaningful, fun and rewarding!   It is almost like we cannot start living until certain landmarks come.  “Once I make more money, then I will be able to really live or buy this or do that”…  “Once I graduate I will finally be out of this town”… “I cannot wait until I retire, then I will have time for…”

Until we realize that life has already begun and we are in the midst of it, we will continually miss out.

People sit around and wait for the next thing to come along but what they do not realize is how much they are missing out on today.

I can remember times in my life where I was so focused on the completion of a task or season that I failed to fully enjoy the time I had in it.  When I was in college, all I wanted to do was hurry up and get done so I could move on… I realize now that I missed out on more friendships, certain activities and opportunities because I was so focused on competing school.  I got my first degree in 3 years and a second in just 2 more. But why the rush?  I am still not exactly sure. It is not that I was in a hurry to “grow up” or anything, I just wanted what was next… but what about all in there I missed? Next would have still come whether I rushed or not.

I remember as a little girl and not so little,  I always looked forward to my wedding day.  I was so excited  for it to come! I would think about a pretty dress, flowers,a ring and of course, my prince charming… I could hardly wait until it came.  Now that my “dream wedding” has come and gone and I have my “prince”  I realize that it was not the actual day that was important (although it does have importance and significance) it is the process and growth of our relationship. It was all the time we had getting to know each other and all the little things that fed our relationship to be ready for marriage.  More importantly, now that we are married we are able to grow closer and better our relationship.  This would not be possible without the marriage but because of it we can continue and enjoy it.

I think to fully enjoy life, we cannot sit around and wait… wait for the next best thing and focus so much on events in the future (or dwell on past events).  Have you noticed or heard people with this attitude? I know I have been there.  When I notice it, it kind of makes me sad because I think of all they are missing out on in just sitting and waiting.  They really don’t believe their life has started and it has!  If your life has not started yet, start it today! Realize how much there is in life to be excited about and live for!  Put effort into today, set some goals and be excited about it… those events will be that much better.  Don’t wait until a specific day to start!

2 thoughts on “Sitting wishing and waiting… for life to start!?

  1. thanks for sharing your feelings beka, i’ve been meditating on the present a bit lately and it’s really interesting the way our brains work and why we spend so much time thinking and mostly worrying, stressing and fretting about the future and how to “get by” as though it is some sort of feat to physically survive in western society.

    I ran across this book called “stumbling on happiness” where the guy is a neuroscientist and talks about how and why the brain spends so much time projecting and thinking about the future and how it’s usually pretty silly.

    one of the points that he made was that many people put off doing things or experiencing events because they would rather keep thinking and dreaming about it than to take the dive and experience it because they fear the dream being over, they fear the experience won’t match up to their hopes and expectations and they won’t be able to dream about it anymore or something

    another thought i’ve been having lately that i think goes along with your points in this blog post is that it is the immersion and acceptance of the present moment that creates a true experience of life. experiencing and enjoying each moment in total conscious awareness with as much emotion and feeling and sensory experience as possible and that way it is also encoded into our memory and becomes a bigger part of our life experience and gives us good enjoyable feelings we can take with us into the future to remember how great and how special life is.

    so yeah thanks for your thoughts cuz!


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