It has been an entire year…

I just realized that this week is the very week (just one short year ago), that Greg and I moved to Florida from our beautiful little hide-away in Colorado.  I say Greg and I, but I mean Greg moved ME here.  He had been away from his house a few months and brought me back to our what would become our home.

We know already from my Southern Living post that it is still quite an adjustment for me to live here, but it is getting a little bit better.  Some days are better than others.

I am amazed that it has already been an entire year though.  I keep having to recalculate to make sure.  Looking back over the past year… it is easy to focus on the fact that half of that time was spent job searching and the other half (and still) was/is spent on catching up after our cash pool had evaporated.  I make it sound bad, but really it was not because this year I have come to realize more and more how truly blessed we are.

We really are truly blessed.  We never went without.  We always had what we needed.  We even had at times what we did not really need – that is right, a few extras.  Our relationship has continued to improve and we are still so excited about life.  People looking at us walking down the street may not think – wow, they are blessed, or wow, they have it all together because… in just looking at us, you would not think so! We don’t drive new cars, we don’t have the latest fashion (or probably the fashion from 5 years ago), our shoes probably look good and worn,  we don’t eat out all the time… etc.  but what they do not know, what we know and what they do not see is what makes us truly blessed.  We have our health… we are on no medications, we have no disease, illness, sickness or pains.  We have each other and our relationship is awesome! I go to bed every night excited about another day with my husband.  Our bills and our income do not match every month, yet we still have some money in the bank.  I do not balance a check-book only because I don’t like to do it but truly, it does not add up.

So this post is not to talk about all the things that I don’t like here, all the things I miss, or all the things that are “different” but reflect on and be thankful for all the things that we do have..all of our many blessings.

We have so much! I am looking forward to another year, here, there or wherever because we really do “have it… together”, even if we don’t always “have it”… we have whatever it is together. We have  health, love, family, friends and more (and not to mention an awesome puppy, Chaco to add some joy in the house).

Have a blessed day! Look at everything you have today! wow!

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