We have a birthday today!

Happy Birthday

 …to the most wonderful husband any woman could ever ask for or even dream of!

    1. He believes
    2. He loves me with all his heart
    3. He still pursues me
    4. He is strong
    5. He takes care of me
    6. He works hard
    7. He is smart
    8. He has great ideas
    9. He puts others first
    10. He is generous
    11. He leads me
    12. He always wants what is best
    13. He likes being outside
    14. He is so darn cute
    15. He is home to me
    16. He sees through to me
    17. He is careful with his words
    18. He makes me laugh lots everyday
    19. He needs me
    20. He lights up the room
    21. He is patient
    22. He enriches my life and those he is around
    23. He would rather eat what I cook
    24. He likes to surprise me
    25. He is always thinking of a better way to do something
    26. He dreams
    27. He sets goals
    28. He helps me blossom

why 28 you ask? hmmmmmmmmmm.   I know that I will have no trouble adding to it no matter how many years he racks up because he keeps getting better!  Here is to many many more years ahead and many more things I could have listed!

2 thoughts on “We have a birthday today!

  1. I love this!! And yes that describes Greg to the T!! But he is a lucky man too and I am so thankful that God put you two together and into our lives!! You guys are the best! Love you!

  2. WOW this brought tears to my eyes!
    Both of you are a joy to be around and to know!
    I count it a privilege to be your Auntie and I love you!
    I love the 28 ways that you have affirmed your love and trust in Greg and DEFINITELY encouraged Him and blessed him mightily!
    hugs to both of you!

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