A beautiful time, adventure-full and wonderful…

Well folks, long time no blog huh? – for those of you that follow me you maybe, maybe noticed…  but anyways I have been away!  I spent a wonderful extended week in Colorado with my amazing family. Unfortunately Greg could not come and he was missed big and huge time.  It was just not the same without him out there.  He makes everything so much better… it just seemed wrong for him to be absent after we spent nearly 4 months out there last year… but anyways we know I missed him and I don’t need to keep beating it in.  I thought it would be fun to make a post about my time there but realize one post would be long and very unorganized and if I have time organization is key, or at least the idea of it!   It makes me laugh but it is amazing how many people  ask first:

1. How was the weather? Well, funny you should ask, the weather was super the whole week… there was plenty of sunshine mixed with some cloud cover a couple of the days with just a little bit of rain one day and some snow during our last night.  :).  Now beyond the weather:

2. What did you do? To answer that I will probably file it into a few different posts.  but, we… hiked and walked a lot, sat in the sun, sat by the warm fire, took many pictures (and I think my pictures even took pictures I have so many), baked, cooked and ate ate ate, went to an elk farm,  and just had a great time!

Our biggest adventure of the week was a hike to the top of Pole Creek Mountain (which supplies water to the Rio Grande River) the tippy top stands at 13,716 feet above sea level of which never seemed like much until I now LIVE at sea level… (which I still never thought I would do but anyways here I am).  But for this post, I did not really have much to say but that I am back in action, at work and excited to be back to my husband but will be updating with some Colorado pictures etc.

I arrived a few days after my family did and look at the sign Josh made me:

Here is the 2011 crew:

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