The best year of my life!

Well folks, It is so hard to believe but it has been one year today

since I said… yes

I am married to the best man any woman could hope or ask for… even dream of… I mean it!  I could not be more happy.  Being married is so much fun and I go to bed every night looking forward to another day, but not just any day… a very special day with the one I love. 

We have had quite a few adventures over the course of this past year I would say…  Our journey took is from Oregon, to Colorado and to Florida where we are now.  Our move to Florida met us with nearly 6 months of unemployment and when I say unemployment I do not mean collecting from the government, I mean no money, but we always focused on what we had and not on what we did not have… and you know what? There is always so much to be thankful for.  We never went without.  We are so blessed! 

We hear frequently that the whole enjoying marriage thing will get old… “you just wait”… “you will want a break”…etc…  no thanks!  I don’t want any part of that or any part of those conversations!  We have many dreams and goals and we are truly excited about life… together. We have realized that life is just better together and that we can accomplish so much more together than apart.  I am so thankful to have such a great husband to share life with.

It is probably safe to say however that we are no longer newly weds, but only because of the time passed, not in the way we act or feel about each other.

Here are a few pictures from the last year…

On our wedding day at Crater Lake, Oregon.  After the wedding, we drove here to stay a few nights before we hit the road for Colorado.

This is at Arches National Park in Moab, UT taken at “Delicate Arch”… a great time!

This was in “The Window”, one of our bigger adventures this summer in Colorado.  A (who knows how many miles) hike into the wilderness!

This was at the end of the season in Colorado during the beautiful fall color change! Everything was absolutely breathtaking!

This is at the beach in St. Augustine, FL… over on the East Coast when my parents came to visit us in February of this year…

Enjoying a day at Panama City Beach, FL where we try to get to once a week or so to chill out.


Here is to the conclusion of the best year of my life with the hope of many many more to follow!  Next year will be another best!  Hopefully this finds you well and enjoying life!