The Harvest begins with one…

Today was the first day to harvest something out of the garden… that one thing is an awesome lone zucchini!  I planted the zucchini plants and seeds the 3rd of May and this was off one of the plants.  The seedlings are not too far behind tho!  Momma and her babies are never far when we are at the garden as you can see in the picture below… also the sky was super pretty after it dropped a few rain drops.  More harvesting soon and I have a feeling it will really really pick up soon!

Fun Fun!

Happy National Dairy Month!

June is National Dairy Month!

Happy dairy days ahead… if you are a dairy fan and hopefully you are!   I am a fan indeed!  I love milk,  yogurt and cheese… daily!

I am also a fan of cows – so I am excited! Mooooooooo!

My Pyramid recommends 3 cups/servings of dairy a day! You can check out their website for more information if you want!

As we know, dairy is an excellent source of calcium which is super important for overall health – especially bone health. In addition, milk provides  potassium, vitamin D, and protein – all of which are important! Consuming milk and milk products may reduce the risk of low bone mass throughout life and help prevent osteoporosis.  This is not just important in adulthood… think of it like an investment… what you do during your younger-years will only help invest in your future! Build stronger bones to keep stronger bones for life!  Milk helps add to an overall healthy diet!  It is not all about calcium thought because potassium can help maintain good blood pressure and vitamin D functions in the body to help maintain adequate calcium and phosphorous levels which in turn aid in building and maintaining bones.  MIlk is a good source of this as it is generally fortified with vitamin D.  

If you want “30 days of dairy”… you won’t get it from me, but you can however at this blog –  The Dairy Report , there will supposedly be a new tip or something about dairy!