The home garden: “Tiny” but exciting news

Can you believe it? Our first tomato… on the “Cherry Tomato” plant! As I was leaving the house this morning I looked specifically for tomatoes on the plants we have at the house and found none… but after lunch when I returned I found this tiny tomato.  This was the first plant to show blooms but now all the plants have at least a few blooms!  How exciting!

It gets better… when I got home this evening from working on the garden and watering it as well as  feeding momma and the twins, look what else appeared since I was gone… and looks like many more to come! Yay – excitement level just increased a lot!  Last night we ate at some great friends’ house and ate some of their home-grown tomatoes from their garden… they were so yummy and got me excited and hopeful that ours will someday be edible!  They are also growing a garden for the first time, so it has been fun! Check it out!

All for now, I should do something with my evening!

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