Gardening: The grass and weeds are thriving!

It has been super dry, so I went out to water the garden again today and it looks like the plants (that I want) were overall looking pretty good, some were really wilted, but not completely shrivelled… just overdue for water.  The grass and weeds on the other hand were having a huge party.

See the green tint everywhere? Well it is kind of hard to tell in this picture because I have already worked a section of it.

Here is what I have yet to do.  I have a lot more to do hopefully tomorrow afternoon! I don’t want to get too behind! 🙂

 This is not a good picture, but you can see the darker sections where I got out a lot of the grass and weeds…. be gone you unwanted things!  The plants have really started to grow though – so that is super exciting!

More soon,  I will get some pictures of the new blooms on the squash and a few on the cucumbers… there are some onions finally coming up too I think, ok I hope!

Bye for now!  Happy growing stuff – I am not only growing a garden, but a mess at the house because I would rather be outside! 🙂

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