Gardening: Oh boy – stuff is growing!

I went to water the garden today  (yesterday I was just in time before everything was pretty shriveled and too wilted to want to admit…) and I am on it  earlier than yesterday!  Until it rains pretty good, I will need to water it everyday!  Anyways, I was in la-la land holding the nozzle and giving everything a good dose of water when some green caught my eye…  the zucchini plants are coming up (planted on May 3)… yay!  Then, on down to the watermelons, they were starting to come up too (planted on May 4)…. yay again!  That is all the seeds that came up  today at the garden – that I saw at least, I studied everything pretty good after I saw those 2 types coming up!  There are some basil seeds coming up at the house in my tomato plants as well… so overall, a pretty good garden day! Nothing was dead and stuff was actually growing!  🙂

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