Garden Day 4: All planting is done!

Garden day 4 (May 5, 2011)

Well, all the planting is finally done!

Planted today:

  • 4 tomato plants
  • spinach (seeds)
  • lettuce (seeds)
  • basil (seeds)
  • oregano (seeds)
  • pepper (seeds)
  • pumpkin (seeds)

I think this concludes my garden planting so far… we will see! I filled up the space pretty good, so there is probably not room for more!   Here is a labeled picture of what is where! It may be hard to see some of them, but this is taken from the opposite side of the last picture I labeled… maybe you get the idea…

You can see that my rows are not even, my rows are not straight and my rows are quite random, but…. well – oh well!

Now that the planting is done comes the maintenance, today there was already quite a bit of grass coming through – so I need to stay on top of that no doubt… but stay tuned for more garden updates as things start to grow (hopefully). and make their debut through the soil!  Oh, and not to mention it needs water, water, water as we have not had rain for a while!

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