The barefoot gardener

Our garden (or soon to be) at the old house!

This is our soon-to-be garden! Greg worked while I was in Oregon to disc up the grass with the tractor… for the before picture, just picture the spot fully covered with beautiful lush green grass!  So…

Day 1: leveling out dirt and pulling grass that has re-rooted!

So, I wish I could just start planting stuff, but leveling out the dirt and loosening it up some is needed.  My task for the day was leveling out as much as I could so we can start planting as soon as possible!

I only got about half way this time, but we have progress! It takes a while with hand tools and working up the grass that had already tried to re-root and come back up… AND this is my first time! You can see my flip-flops there, this is a barefoot job (why we have the blog title). The dirt just feel so good on my feet and hey, why not!  So, the name “barefoot gardener” just works since every time I have walked through it I have been shoe-less! 

still lots of work to do as you can see!

I have been trying to plan where to put what I have… I did not even think about it when I got all my seeds! I realized, I should decide where to plant what and plan how it will all fit together…

Stay tuned!

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