This post will conclude “feet month” as it has gone on too long, but I will probably post more about the topic in the future, maybe even tomorrow, ha ha!  But I wanted to post another pair of shoes at least, a very special pair as they carry many great memories.

My Boots!

This picture was taken at… Our wedding! 🙂

 We had some fun pictures done in a western theme, so my boots were very fitting! 

So, many memories already, but that is just the beginning…  Also, many awesome memories of summers in Colorado riding horses and learning about them (and much more)!

Greg and I above Brewster Park…

me above Brewster again…

they were worn through many many brushing sessions…

and of course checking in on many beautiful horses…

It is so fun to reminisce of wonderful times in the past!  Oddly, I have found that even something as simple as shoes bring out so many memories, I had no idea that would happen as I was posting on them! As I have said in earlier posts, if I think back on the times I wore certain shoes, out come memories!  If I even look at my boots I smile because of all the memories… like in the  pictures above which is just a few I picked out! I am so thankful for opportunities I have had in the past but also am excited about adventures to come.

It may be weird, but look at a few of your shoes and see if memories flow out! 🙂

Bye for now, more to come on another topic besides shoes!

One thought on “My BOOTS!

  1. It is great to see these pics again and know that your boots bring these to your mind. I don’t think my shoes bring special memories to mind.

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