vibram shoes

Foot month is bleeding into May as you can see, but oh well!

So, the shoes I am really excited to highlight today are….

I have had them over a month now and am having a lot of  fun with them! They are just awesome and totally weird, so that may be why I like them so much, they are a little bit crazy, yet so normal (wow). I have to tell you that they really are super comfortable, not just weird!  I feel like I am barefoot with just enough padding, as you can still feel what you step on, but not cause pain.  I have a pretty good barefoot tolerance thought, but even without I think it would be fine!  I have had a lot of people ask me about the toe part – “does it feel weird to have stuff around each toe?” – “Do you get blisters on your toes?” I always say no…it just takes a few “wears” to get used to them and I have had no blisters or anything.  The only difficult part is getting them on the first few times – it takes a little while to get your toes to cooperate and not fight for the same holes! 

I have done a little jogging in them but mostly walking so far and they have been great! I like being about to feel everything below my feet and not be up so high in regular running shoes! Any other questions about them? Feel free to ask me since I have had them a little while – not an expert on the shoes, just a new fan!

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