Meet Nikko…!

This is my parents new dog which I absolutely can’t get enough of.  He has a heart of gold and just loves people… everyone it seems!  He meets no stranger.  He has such a great personality and is just plain silly sometimes.  There are many times that he is solemn and has a straight look on his face, and almost seems totally expressionless, but any second he can come alive and surprise you if you are not ready.  BOING!   He is very snuggly and huggable, but is also so very fast – incredibly fast! Anytime you are ready to play he is more than ready and his energy seems to never run out. Nikko will get as wild as you can handle… and wilder than you can handle…

Did I mention he is silly…?

 …but I must say, all of this is hard to apply in the morning as he is slow to rise and prefers to sleep in… when he finally gets up he stretches a lot, yawns, has a cute sleepy face and would love it if he could just stay in his bed a while longer.  There is really much more, but I wanted to introduce you to this great doggy – stealer of many hearts which is safe to say because everyone that has come over or seen his elsewhere (one of the go to work with momma days)  says something like… “I want a dog just like this one” –

including me!  I want a Nikko!  One thing I want to add is that he is a great companion, he will always he there with you and prefers it that way. He is truly a “people dog”…  wherever his people are is where he wants to be! Nikko is not happy at home alone but is most happy to just be with you!

2 thoughts on “Meet Nikko…!

  1. Deer beka,
    Tank yu fer writen such nice tings about me. It was fun havin yu hear. plez com back rel soon. I mis yu.
    lots of luv n kisses

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