“Ferrari” Shoes

I am a fan of the color red… I have not worn these shoes a lot, but love them! Fun fun fun!  They fit in the shoe category of  – not-so-practical and not the most comfortable (although they are not terrible) –  shoes.  Not everything has to be perfectly practical in my  mind.  The color of these shoes is titled “ferrari” which I like too! Now… if I just had the car to hop in with my sweet red shoes.


I of course don’t recommend wearing shoes like this everyday as they are just not great for your feet/body, etc. but like I said, I am not practical all the time and it is just fun to wear stuff like this!  It is like food, eat what you should most of the time, so you can eat what you should not sometimes! If you eat chocolate cake all day it will show, if you wear bad for your feet shoes all day it will show too (or you will feet it, whatever)!

More shoes to follow – also in the fun category, but these deserved a post all their own! 🙂