born flats

So, I am highlighting another pair of shoes in my collection (of which I said was not really plentiful but once I started looking… I guess I have a few pairs after all because I am not done yet!)

These are my newest shoes… yes all 3 of them (thanks to Macy’s awesome shoe sale).  I have been looking for flats for way too long to admit.  I am really picky because I want them to be extremely comfortable, cute, versatile, and very importantly – not show toe crack, if you know what I mean. So, since these had all those qualities I decided to get 3 pairs… they will be great for work or just casual wear.  This is kind of my trend I have to admit… when I find something I really like I get more than one!  There were 6 different ones, but I tried to limit it to the colors I will be able to wear easily.

So, here is my type – out to my newest shoes… and I have worn them all day with no blisters or sore feet!  The shoe lady told me to buy they “a little snug” and I did not listen… I have been there and done that, I went a half-size up from “a little snug” and am so glad I did. I don’t like the feeling of not being able to wait to kick off my shoes because… “these shoes are killing me”!

I have highlighted a lot of my really comfortable and practical shoes so far this month, but my next post will be some of my fun shoes that are not the most comfortable but they rank high on fun/cute and more which is just necessary sometimes! 🙂