My Chaco collection to date...

These shoes are  high on my list of favorites… I love Chacos! I seriously threw all my other flip-flops away after I got these (referring to the middle pair) because I knew I would not wear the others again!  The flip-flop style is so comfortable… they don’t fall apart, they don’t let stuff come through and poke my foot and they are just awesome!  I have them in order of purchase from left to right.  The first pair in the picture I bought a few years ago in Colorado… they are really nice to walk and hike in… even great for water stuff where you don’t want to lose your shoes… rafting, crossing the river, or just a nice sunny day out and about.  A few times I have stashed them in the bushes after using them to cross the river to keep my hiking shoes dry and have even wore these for full hikes. The cool thing about the sandals is you can adjust them to your special foot!  The straps slide around according to how your foot is shaped.  The toe can be adjusted as well as the width etc.  Pretty cool and creative!  I think if I get another pair of these I will not buy the double strap style, but the single as I have found that the double styles’ straps will not stay in the right spot – but tighten throughout the day.  The second pair in the picture I have also had a few years and they are still going very strong. These are what I wear for a lot of the time that I do not wear my danskos.  The second pair are actually one of me newer pairs of shoes… a purchase made in one of my favorite stores… the wonderful REI, which we do not have here where we live, so I had to stop in when I visited my family.

Anyways, just another foot/shoe post for you! I know you really don’t care about my shoes, but at least I am having fun! 🙂

Have a great day!