Arnold Ice Cave

Dad and I went caving… we ventured all the way to the end of Arnold Ice cave.  For me, this was not just an every day adventure, it was so exciting and many times I was just speechless (which for me does not really consist of no words, just lots of “wows” and “oooooos”, etc… no real words that have definitions)!  Arnold Ice Cave is a lave tube which is thought to be over 80,000 years old and was discovered around 1889.  This cave was an early site for ice mining which was supplied to Bend, OR.What an adventure to welcome me home for a visit! Dad comes up with fun adventures for sure!  It was such a neat cave… I have not been in many (just one other one) caves, but it was really neat.  There was just so much to see and experience.  There were a few places that involved squeezing through tight spaces – which was really fun! Of course a few scary thoughts crossed my mind, but overall it was just plain fun and I am so glad to have gone! Thanks dad!

One thought on “Arnold Ice Cave

  1. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. I just showed all the pics to Uncle Vernon. I would not want to do this, even though we did the lava tube with you. I think the crawling through tight spaces is what I would not like. But it is wonderful you liked it!

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