My treasured danskos

Well folks, as you know already if you have read any of the last 2 posts – it is the month of feet as has been declared by me. 🙂 I thought it would be fun and fitting to highlight some of my favorite pairs of shoes on here throughout the month.  Don’t worry, I really don’t have tons and tons of shoes like some women do – it is not really my style… although I do really like shoes, I am a little more practical, or should I say particular about  my shoes (more on that in a later post).  I also don’t have room to store too many – believe it or not I have a pile of shoes I am getting rid of (it will be a later post)  I have realized that the shoes I always like and want are expensive, so my purchases are not very frequent. I do however have some great shoes (to me) that I will share with you! 

Without delay, these are my treasured danskos….

Danskos - 2003

As you can see by the caption, I have had them since 2003! I have worn these for most of each year… for over 7 years! My mom bought me these shoes for college and it is the best $115 dollars ever spent on shoes I have to say… not because it was not my money but because they have been used over and over… and are a very quality shoe!

These danskos are more than just a pair of shoes to me which is probably weird to you, but so true. If these shoes could tell a story, what a story that would be.  They are not just any ol’ shoes… they have been worn through many times and events in my life (both happy and sad)… you get the idea!  If every thing that these shoes have been through showed up they would look extra rough… rougher than they look now!  They have been submerged in puddles, covered in snow, soaking wet from many walks to class in the rain, sat out in the sun and beyond, been heavily dusted with dirt and flour, spilled on, dripped on, sneezed on and more.   They have more stains on them than any shoe should, have not been polished enough or taken care of good enough, but they are still going strong.  They fit my feet so good, perfect actually.  I guess 7 years is enough time for a shoe to be broken in more than once! 

It is crazy when I start to think about what has happened over the last 7 years and more likely than not I was wearing these shoes.  To name a few that come to mind right away:

  • I walked through (not meaning it was easy) 2 college degrees in these shoes on 4 different campuses in 3 different states (KS, OR, WA)
  • Rode on many airplanes traveling to see family and loved ones
  • Have had these as long as I have known Greg… bought them the same time we started hanging out in December 2003.
  • Wore these to Greg’s college basketball games
  • Was wearing them when Greg proposed to me in 2009
  • Was wearing them the last time I saw my grandma before she went to sleep in April of 2010
  • wore them many times during my internship and other work places
  • Passed my RD exam in them

Anyways, you get the idea! I have had these shoes for a very long time and well… like them very much.  They are more than a pair of shoes to me because they remind me of all the places I have been… and make me excited about all the places I will go.  It is crazy though – if I am packing to go somewhere and don’t pack these it is like something is missing… like I need to recheck my list to make sure I am not forgetting something.  I guess it is knd of my style, I am always in them!

I now have added a couple more pairs of danskos to my collection but it is hard to beat my first ones for sure.  I had to get these to go with my black pants and outfits for work in 2007…

Danskos - 2007

they are getting pretty worn in as well and have been a really good shoe when brown just does not cut it.  They have a shorter story than my other ones and are not worn quite as much, but are still great shoes!

These are my newest danskos… a fun reddish color!  These were a Christmas present from my parents! They are so fun and comfortable… and a new style!

Danskos - 2010

There you have it! My dansko collection which may grow someday, but at over 100 dollars a pair, I can’t just go get these all the time!  But really, these are good shoes that you don’t need a lot of in my opinion because they last so long and they take so long to get broken in.  Some tips on fitting and buying if you are interested (for the “professional” style, seen in the first 2 pictures): 

  • They are not super comfortable at first… they are not a really soft/cushioned shoe.
  • They are intended to be “too big”… you want your heel to slide out slightly when you roll up on your toe.  They are meant to be this way for the best fit.  They are not supposed to be tight!
  • Allow a good “break in” period… this takes several times of wearing them. Be faithful and wear them a lot to get them to be just right, then they will be your go-to shoe! 🙂
  • They are hand-made… so try on both shoes in your size in several different ones to find the best ones for you.  I mean, try on several different pairs in the same size to determine which one fits your foot the best.  They can vary slightly with each shoe…. even out of the same box… the left can be slightly different from the right. Don’t let that scare you – it is not as  bad as it seems.

bye for now! See you next time!

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