“Where are your shoes?”

Our feet after a walk around the neighborhood!

Yes, we are those weird people who walk around the neighborhood barefoot…

…say what you want or think what you will, but we have fun! We get all kinds of comments and looks but on we go!  I am not doing it to be “one with the earth” or whatever, but because it feels so cool!  It is neat to feel the temperature changes of the pavement when you move between the sun and shade, or feel fresh green grass, sand, dirt or whatever (not pokey things of course)!

It is FEET month (according to me) so I thought this would be a very fitting post for today!

Greg had the idea quite a while ago as he had been doing lots of reading about shoes and the effects of “improper fitting footwear”.  Our feet were not made to be crammed into shoes that are too small and sometimes (more often than not) shoes (improper fitting shoes) force our bodies to move in a way that is not natural… like force our feet in or out which strains the knees/hips etc. 

Anyways, there is lots of research on this stuff, but I can tell you a little bit (for now) what I think and what we have found…

Greg has always had a hard time finding shoes that fit. He has an exceptionally wide food and many times he cannot find shoes that support this extra width… extra extra extra extra wide! But before I go any further, he has very nice feet!  For him, being barefoot feels much better than shoes that are too tight and cram his toes.  He has noticed his feet feel better and even look better (his toes).  He has even done some running barefoot.

For me, I started just going along with him barefoot because it would be a fun activity for us… I wanted to try it out, and why would I not want to go on a walk with him? 🙂

…but was not sure if it would “work” if you know what I mean. I mean, what woman out there wants rough, tough, hard, dry, all the time dirty feet? But I still tried it and I have to admit my feet are none of the above, and we even walk on asphalt quite a bit.  My feet are the same if not softer… they’re  thicker skinned I would say, but not in a rough, tough way! It is like they have a softer but thicker layer.

Well, that is all for today – just an introduction to barefoot walking/running – if that is your cup-of tea or style! I am not saying “hey go do this it is the best EVER” – just throwing it out there as just something… go try it at least for the fun of it! Your feet will take a few times to get used to it… just relax and don’t anticipate every step killing you!

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