Happy April, Happy Feet – no joke!

Happy April Everyone!

Last month was “National Nutrition Month” and my goal was to post several nutrition/health posts, but I admit I did not do a very good job with my posts – they were random and kind of few and far between (we had a lot going on and I just did not get time like I wanted… to sit and tink around on the computer). So I am going to launch a NEW topic with the new month and of course the hope of doing a little bit better job.  This month will be all about….





Yes, you read it right, several times!

I know it is super weird, but hopefully will be really fun! At least for someone – and we know that someone is ME, but I hope you will find it rather fun too!

So, to explain this a little more, my goal is to talk about feet which includes talk about shoes, pictures of feet, and just random and interesting facts and information about feet.  There are many many people out there which means there are tons of feet… a ridiculous amount of toes!  If you think you have some good feet, or bad ones, send me a picture and I will try to get your feet some publicity here on my little blog!  I am serious though – send me  a picture of your feet or your feet in your favorite pair of shoes and where you walk/run/trek or whatever! It could be fun! But i will be googling to find you some good and yes, bad feet! 🙂  This is supposed to be educational AND fun!

I can tell you that you will be seeing our feet and probably all my favorite shoes as well! 

Feet can be fun… and will be! So, Happy April, Happy Feet!!

This is not an April Fools Joke



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