Home Improvement #4: My Jar Shelf!

The Jar Shelf Greg Made!

This is by far my favorite “home improvement” project yet… I just love it! Every time I walk into the kitchen it makes me smile.  Greg built this shelf literally in to the wall for me to put my jars on. The problem with our kitchen is that there is not much cupboard space or storage (no pantry area either) so somehow all my dishes, baking items, pans, glasses, mugs, utensils etc. and not to mention food has to fit in the small area!  This was his grand creation…an inset shelf for me to put all my precious jars on!  You can see that before the shelf was there, this wall was just plain and a wasted space because there was no room to add any cupboards, counter or anything…but I sure am using it now, and daily! I get into many of these jars everyday at least once… I have many baking goods, nuts,  chocolate chip varieties, flax-seed, wheat bran and germ, popcorn kernels, cornmeal, candy, peanut butter, dried beans, oats and more!

The nut row...

Items for baking!

This project turned out wonderful! It was a slow process at first while he cut out the sheet rock and 2 studs… while keeping the other side of the sheet rock (living room wall) blemish free, but after the hole was made the rest went fairly quickly. He made the shelf to size and slid it in place!

I think everywhere we live I need a jar shelf…I just love it! The problem is, I can’t take this one with me – he may be needing to make another one someday if we have another house! 🙂

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