A delightful mini snack…

It does not get any easier than this… of course the store you shop at needs to carry them… and you have to want them too!
They are so cute and small… and not to mention a healthy option to “hold you over”. 
I think many of the bananas at the store are entirely too big. I really like bananas when they are at their perfect ripeness and it is hard to time it right and eat them all in that tiny window…. it really boils down to this: I just don’t love bananas enough to enjoy the taste through an enormous overgrown banana so… these are a great solution!
check these out! 

Mini Bananas

I thought It would be a good and simple post to introduce them to you (those of you that have not seen them) because they are a healthy snack and so easy to grab and go…have at your desk or wherever you work/play etc.  I also thought of it being a great idea for kids because I have seen countless times where they want a banana (gotta have it)…eat 2 bites and leave the rest to go bad… which is understandable because I will also say that the enormous bananas are just too much for a little belly in one sitting. 

Ok, all for now – that is my quick (have to get busy on what I need to do) food post for the day.

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