Home Improvement #3: Coffee Wall!

This project was just plain fun…. not exactly necessary or maybe a better word is mandatory but at least we had a few reasons even if they are for the fun of it.  

Here is a before shot: a sorry one, but it is all I could find.

The dining area - Before

We wanted to give the area (The “dining” area) some personality and make it “us”.  We  both love to drink coffee…especially together and with company so we decided to make a little “coffee shop” – or at least in our minds if nobody elses.  We went to Home Depot and picked out the paint color:


… so as you can imagine it is dark dark dark… much like black coffee… a deep rich dark brown!  But to our realization after painting the first coat it was wrong… it had to be because it was more like an elephant that got into a blueberry fight – an awkward greyish purple.  We called them and they said “it darkens as it dries”. Well it would have to darken a significant amount. We took it back and they did some checking and realized they used the wrong base to start with… so round 2 in progress….

In Progress... on with "espresso"

So,what were our reasons for going dark? 

Kind of like our orders at the coffee shop…

“(Greg) grande dark with no room and a

(Beka) grande vanilla extra-hot latte, please”

so… our walls reflect it well… one just plain coffee goodness, and one sweet and creamy! 🙂

Our Little “Coffee Shop”

So, if you get a chance, come drink some coffee with us!

Any time is Coffee Time


2 thoughts on “Home Improvement #3: Coffee Wall!

  1. Ooooh, I looooooove it! And also, I want to drink coffee with you guys!!! 🙂 And also, also…gosh, painting looks so fun. I’m so jealous you have a house. I can’t wait to get one too…and also to go on adventures with you guys…and drink coffee (see, it all ties back to the first point) Ha! LOVE YOU!

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