26 years of life!

Well, here I am…. One year older. I do not write with regret, but excitement. This past year I have become more excited about life and what the next year will bring… more so, what life will bring!

In the past, I sometimes carried regret about getting “old” or “older”, but have realized that is not going to make anything any better and hinders me from fully enjoying the present and all there is to enjoy in the nowI am not old and why worry about that anyways?  I have always been a dreamer but those dreams have not included  “old” days… wrinkles, not getting around, losing driving privileges and all that… but I admit maybe some fear of those things happening has creeped in to my thoughts.  I am no longer going to dream about what I do not want to happen in life but what I do want to happen because I believe it will. We are not to live lives of fear,stress or worry but I believe we are to enjoy our time here… be creative, dream, explore, trust, have fun, explore new things and follow our hearts and enjoy the journey.  

One quote that I like to remember and use to evaluate myself from time to time is:

“Never allow your memories to be bigger than your dreams”

I know that I will continue to dream because I always have, but my goal is to work towards making them become reality in my life and striving to expand my own horizon. There is so much out there to experience and enjoy!   Life is too short to just sit around and get stuck in the normal day-to-day buzz.  Sure, I want the normal things like other people want… job, house, kids, nice car etc. but that is not what it is all about for me (or us from that matter as I speak for my husband as well).  For us, life is about so much more!  It is so easy to “arrive” or just “get by” and quit working towards something greater.   I know many people my age that already live like they are “old” and are convinced that they can’t do certain things anymore… like run, jump, do something spontaneous, or who know what! “I am too old for this”……..  that is not me (that is not us) and I will not adopt that attitude for my life because I have many years left to enjoy.

I could go on longer and completely exhaust all of our time and brain power rambling on, but I will save it for another post. 

So in closing, I believe life is what you create! What you think about all the time and the outlook you have on life or yourself is what will manifest. 

The fun bright flowers my parents sent today!

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