It’s National Nutrition Month!

Well, folks it is “National Nutrition Month”… the 4th annual!  I know this because well… I am a dietitian and you may know it too for the same reason or for any other reason… maybe you have seen a poster or some kind of news-cast telling you so. I thought it would be fun to interject some “nutrition” into my blogs this month – and probably other months too, but it is fitting to introduce it as it is officially Nutrition Month.   If you have never been to the American Dietetic Association Website before, they are a good source of nutrition and always have tips and ideas! 

National Nutrition Month is an education/information campaign sponsored each year by the American Dietetic Association.  It is to educate and inform people in hopes to help them make informed food choices and develop healthy eating and physical activity habits. (incase you wanted to know)

Anyways, I will save some of my (probably random) tips and ideas for you until later posts, but until then… Happy Nutrition Month and I encourage you to try new things… new foods and even begin to incorporate small changes to better your nutrition and well-being!

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